SNP Government’s reputation higher than ever

Since 2008, the Scottish Government has used the Anholt-Ipsos Nation Brands to assess and monitor how Scotland is perceived around the world. The NBI examines the image of 50 countries by looking at a country’s reputation along six dimensions of national competenceExports, Governance, Culture, People, Tourism, Immigration and Investment. Together these provide an overall indication of a country’s reputation.

Governance is of particular interest at the moment as the MSM in Scotland deliver blanket coverage of an alleged breach of the ministerial code by the First Minister, above, by forgetting to tell Parliament about a meeting with Alex Salmond.

The actual breaches of ministerial codes by the PM in 2019 when he prorogued Parliament and the Health Secretary when in 2020 he broke contract law, have gone unpunished.

The NBI results are most encouraging, suggesting an increased reputation for the Scottish Government in the last two years:

The UK came 10th for governance and 11th for competent and honest government! So, this survey is useless and I shouldn’t have bothered reporting it or, maybe they did the UK data gathering before December 2019?

4 thoughts on “SNP Government’s reputation higher than ever

  1. Fine, our government is perceived to more competent and democratic than English Torydum. Though that’s not a particularly difficult accomplishment, as English Torydum has been captured by the radical right. Which is ideologically hostile towards science, as well as the values of liberal democracy (see Trump and BoJo). This won’t last though, if we allow those who support gender-ideology to force Scots law to accommodate anti-foundational ideology (see gender-ideology).

    Towards a Critical Hermeneutics of Populism


  2. Constitutional change on the scale of Brexit demands clear constitutional need, if it is to be coherent and compatible with the constitutional principles of “proportionality” and “balancing”. This is simply missing from Brexit, which gained narrow support from English votes as a result of the media’s distortion of the truth, and the mainstreaming of populist radical right narratives.

    So Scots are to be denied the right to legal rights, so as to accommodate far-right English nationalism. Which simply isn’t compatible with liberal democracy. Any constitutional expert worth their salt will tell you this, as constitutional democracy depends on mutual recognition of citizens/stakeholders and law that resists discrimination.

    N.B. Britain is not one nation, so it’s more than a tad psychotic and authoritarian to force Scots to accept this distortion of reality.

    Brexit: The Mainstreaming of Right-Wing Populist Discourse

    Click to access Ahmed-en.pdf


  3. “England” is an Oligarchy State—run for the benefit of its ruling elite and their media and business enablers–for a small consideration!
    Sadly Scottish Labour has been corrupted and enlisted into this Mafia State.
    The Scottish Tories/Lib Dumbs were always “running dogs”!

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