Gordon Brown: You want to support the Government in what is a national crisis.


Gordon Brown on GMB this morning, with his UK hat on, defending Keir Starmer:

It’s really difficult being the Leader of the opposition because you want the country to be united. You want the country to work together. You want to support the Government in what is a national crisis.

Does that apply in Scotland too? Like this, telling barefaced lies?

Regulars here will know that I and many of you have batted this stuff back with evidence more than once.

I wonder if the First Minister’s refusal to contradict the accusers with the same evidence just invites more or is her strategy more intelligent than that?

Anyhow, terrier-like as always, the notion that ‘she’ faces ‘serious questions’ over ‘the death toll in Scotland’s care homes’ is sheer nonsense.

I’m not going to refer to the evidence here. It’s all in the blog archives. All points made can be backed up.

Once more, the initial death toll in care homes and elsewhere was due to the delayed lock-down and faulty advice to care homes which was down entirely to the SAGE advisers and the Conservative Government’s domination of the 4 Nations approach. Once power was devolved at the end of March, Scotland with the FM at the helm diverged hard and fast and care home deaths are now lower per capita than in England.

Those discharged from hospitals did not die because of that nor did they infect the homes. There is clear published research evidence that agency staff movements and infection control failures in private homes are to blame.

There were no guidance failures given that care homes have decades of experience in isolation and PPE-use after repeated norovirus and flu outbreaks.

There was no major PPE shortage though English providers did deny supplies to Scottish homes on clear guidance from Public Health England instructed in turn by Matt Hancock. Also, UK Government trade departments did deny Scottish health boards links to overseas providers.

If anyone needs to answer serious questions, it is the PM, his advisers and care home owners.


Free from any apparent editing, Ian Murray is allowed below to tell bare-faced lies based on stories that cannot survive a collision with the evidence. Three of his lies are countered below.

First, the Nike Conference in late February 2020 was not ‘our ground zero moment‘ leading to the virus spreading throughout the city and spreading to North-East England

That myth was put to the sword in June by the Chief Medical Officer who explained that the virus was already in Scotland at the end of February when the conference was held, that the early cases had no links to travel and that community transmission was already happening. Genomic sequencing had shown that the specific viral lineage associated with the conference had been eradicated in Scotland by the end of March. He referred in depth to a scientific report published by Glasgow University on genomic epidemiology and the Edinburgh conference:


Second, hospital discharges did not cause the virus to spread through care homes. There is absolutely no evidence of that but considerable evidence that it was inadvertently spread by agency staff working and travelling between, especially, the larger corporate-owned care homes:



Third, the Audit Scotland report is deeply flawed. Why did the report suggest that the Scottish Government and not the profit-making care home-owners themselves were to blame for planning? Also, we know that Scottish Government plans for PPE stock upgrades were sabotaged by the UK Government blocking investment:

EXCLUSIVE: How Westminster U-turn derailed Scotland’s PPE plans


Ian Murray (Con) has tweeted extensively today attacking Professor Sridhar inspired by his favourite rag, the Daily Express. They’ve clearly got him well-wound up judging by a stream of incoherent demands for the prof to answer his daft questions, right now!

I though I’d better read the New York Times piece which in turn had excited Richard Percival at the Express so much.

The word English does not appear in the NYT article and England only in this one paragraph:

Scotland and Northern Ireland have looked ahead at the coming winter, and made a concerted plan to minimize community transmission to avoid a serious resurgence of the virus by using the summer to drive cases as close to zero as possible and to reopen cautiously. But neither nation has control over its borders because they are parts of the United Kingdom. So both now face a stream of incoming infections from England and Wales, which are behaving more like the rest of Europe, as well as from people returning from holidays abroad and not abiding by government advice to isolate for 14 days.

Is that all it takes?

Did they understand that the last bit is about Scottish tourists returning and not taking advice? You’d have to be really paranoid to think she, an American, would believe Scottish tourists were any less likely than English tourists to cheat on self-isolation.

Does anyone really believe Sridhar actually blames English people and not the UK Government?

15 thoughts on “Gordon Brown: You want to support the Government in what is a national crisis.

  1. If you put a gun to Murrays cranium
    Informing him that he MUST answer the next Question yes Or no as the matter in question is a simple statement of the facts
    Then present the question
    Result BANG


      1. Arthetty
        I am merely demonstrating how stupid and conditioned this man has become
        He literally take a bullet for his masters cause
        It is how one interprets what is being conveyed
        Sometimes you have to expose extremes by
        Means outwith the box
        And that is why Westminster want us back in the box
        They are a shower of ruthlessl Bastards
        Who would shoot us if they for a moment thought they get away with it
        In fact i guarantee you that certain forces of the British State are trained to shoot to kill
        Their own citizens


        1. These people would shove others in front of them to avoid a bullet. Yes indeed of course there are geezers trained to kill their own citizens or those of the next door neighbour, that’s no secret. Anyhoo, just err on side of caution when using metaphor which could be used against the civic, peaceful and life affirming independence movement. Just a thought.


          1. Arthetty
            I am a firm believer in 100% peaceful methods and Ghandi is the finest example of
            How to take on win against the malign forces
            Of the British State
            And prove that you cannot govern without consent FULL STOP
            No doubt Sect 30 will be refused
            And the matter shall end up in the Supreme Court
            Who will be well aware of the consequences of a misplaced judgement upon the long term
            The British State have a terrible habit of making a complete F***king mess of these things
            The day they Murdered the leaders of the 1916 GPO uprising at Kilmanium jail
            Was the day they lost Ireland
            Read their history but not from their side but that of those who finally broke the chains of British Colonialism
            It is not pretty and many a library it would fill
            A leopard Does Not Change its Spots
            Always let your foe make the errors of going too far
            Such always ends up as the nails in their coffin
            At the end of the day
            Name me just 1 former colony who gained their Independance that wishes to return to their corrupt,evil, plundering and murderous fold
            No need to wonder why


  2. Tories are going to Tory, just as yoons are going to yoon. Your man Brown is simply an out-dated utilitarian and neo-classical economist, so he views human’s as rational choice makers in the marketplace of ideas, where everyone is equally positioned and has full access to the relevant facts. Which is simply naive at best. He’s also more than a tad delusional in thinking a (notional) unitary state has the same legal nature as a sovereign nation. Which Britain isn’t, as it’s a union of nations. Though Westminster clearly only recognises the constitutional identity of England, which it is eager to impose on Scotland.



  3. Never forget that Brown and Blair flew out to Murdoch’s lair in OZ to bend the knee, and promise Labour obeisance.
    Lies, liars and lying B’stards.
    THOSE are Labours GOOD points.

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  4. Gordon Brown introduced more indirect taxation than any other chancellor. His taxes predominantly targeted those on the lowest income.

    PFI, Gold Reserve sell off, cosy relationship with the City, Pension Fund raids etc etc.

    Does he think we have forgotten?

    Half of his so called charity funds go on a lavish lifestyle. New Labour Socialist founding father of the Red Tories

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  5. IMHO, the federalist solution that is punted by the likes of Brown, has little potential of actually becoming reality. England is rather attached to the monarchy, and is unlikely to abandon English legal culture to accommodate Scotland’s democratic needs. Parliamentary sovereignty is a notion that is particular to English legal culture, and is hostile to other forms of democratic representation. Brexit is clear evidence of this, and the fact that Westminster privileges English nationalism over equality in law and a union of equals.

    The United Kingdom between Unitary State and Union State: a geopolitical analysis


  6. “.. the federalist solution that is punted by the likes of Brown, has little potential of actually becoming reality.” This view accords closely with the analysis provided recently by Michael Keating who argues that matters are heading away from a federal compromise.

    Source: Keating, M. (2020) Brexit – back to the unitary state? Centre on Constitutional Change. (https://www.centreonconstitutionalchange.ac.uk/news-and-opinion/back-unitary-state )

    In this paper Keating is responding to the UK Government’s Internal Market Bill, explaining the impact this is likely to have on devolution and the devolved settlements. post Brexit. He states:

    “The UK Government’s Internal Market of July describes the United Kingdom as a ‘unitary state’. The Internal Market Bill, published on 9 September, follows through on this logic. It may or may not add up to a ‘power grab’, depending on how the new powers are used but it certainly changes the nature of the settlement.”

    Keating then discusses how the EU operates and contrasts this to post-Brexit UK as a consequence of the new Internal Market legislation:

    “In areas where the EU is competent, its laws prevail over both state and sub-state law. Its competencies have expanded over the years, especially in pursuit of the Internal Market programme. This ‘competence-creep’, however, is constrained by the fact that laws are made in the Council of the EU, representing the member states, and approved in the European Parliament.

    “They must respect the principles of subsidiarity (that measure must be taken at the lowest level possible) and proportionality (they must be no more detailed than necessary). National parliaments and, in some circumstances, sub-state governments, can appeal to the Court of Justice of the EU if they view that these principles have been violated.”

    Keating explains the starkly contrasting situation now prevailing within the UK: “.. the decision-maker will not be a body representing the nations but UK Ministers and the Westminster Parliament.

    “It gives ministers powers to regulate a potentially wide range of otherwise devolved matters in the name of the internal market, a concept which the UK Government itself will define and elaborate, with the assistance of the Competition and Markets Authority, which it appoints. Ministers will gain sweeping powers and can get more, through statutory instrument rather than primary legislation. So the UK will gain more powers and it will exercise them on its own. There is no equivalent in the UK to the binding subsidiarity and proportionality principles in the EU.”

    In conclusion and as a clear indication of how little traction ‘federalism’ is likely to have with the Tories, Keating states: “This is all part of a new activist unionism, aimed at reinforcing the role, and the visibility of the UK Government in the devolved areas. It moves away from the federal-type of logic that seemed to be gaining ground after the 2014 referendum as a compromise between unionism and nationalism and indicates a return to a more unitary conception of the state.”

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  7. Watched Broadcasting Scotland, on YouTube, daily news. They have interesting guests
    on as well, worth tuning in, they need viewers, and likes, and subscription is only a fiver a month. They were discussing the Brazil Covid strain, the three people infected in Scotland are oil workers. The crux of the matter being, why is the EngGov allowing people to land at Heathrow from Brazil and elsewhere, then fly into Scotland without testing or quarantining first. The Brazil strain is thought to be more deadly, but what does that matter to the English government, nothing.
    Restaurants closing are the least of Scotland’s problems, the EngGov being at the controls is terrifying quite frankly.

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  8. Labour spent £Trns on illegal wars, financial fraud and tax evasion. Killing and maiming people and causing poverty, Supporting Tory austerity, In cohorts with the bankers. More fraudulent debts. Support the Tories in everything. No policies. Just support the Tories total bad policies and management. Unequal and unfair.

    The latest Labour policy do not mention Brexit. Westminster is ruining the UK economy but do not mention Brexit. The majority support EU membership.

    Westminster takes £Billion from Scotland to pay for their failed policies. £1Billion more on the military, £3Billion lost on tax evasion, £4Billion paying debt repayment on loans not borrowed or spent in Scotland. Scotland cannot borrow £5Billion? to invest in the economy. It would pay for itself in growth. £13Billion, Scotland’s so called debt accumulated by Westminster bad, poor policies.

    Scotland would be far better off Independent. Scotland pays (UK) pensions/welfare in Scotland. Comes off Scottish revenues, Scotland raises £66Billion+ in tax revenues. Scotland is in surplus in fuel and energy. £Billions could be raised by selling it. Instead of it just going on the grid. Scotland pays more for it. Despite being nearer the source. Scotland is colder. Instead of parity. Scotland should pay 10% less unit cost.

    Scotland making it’s own decisions would be far more prosperous. Scotland could raise £80Billion in taxes revenues. Like Norway.

    Illegal wars, financial fraud and tax evasion has cost Scotland more. Out voted 10 to 1 at Westminster. It is an absolute scandal. Gordon Brown is a liar. A failure of good governance. The Westminster Gov. A complete and utter failure. Killing people prematurely.

    The UK regime the most unequal in the world. A tax evading monarchy illegally interfering in Gov policy. Illegally selling weaponry to Saudi Arabia since the 1960’s. For illegal donations and monies. Bribes and corruption. Kept secret under the Official Secrets Act.

    Some Arab states the most oppressive in the world. They imprison their own family members. Detained without just cause. The Royals/Tory Gov are in cohorts with them. Supporting illegal activities. Selling illegal weapons. Destroying the world economy. Causing a humanitarian crisis in Yemen and elsewhere.

    People are starving in the UK and the rest of the world, unnecessarily because of Westminster policies. Brown is not telling the truth. Totally out of touch.

    A failed banker chancellor. £Billionaire family. Totally out of touch. Another Tory mess and shambles. They have not got a clue.


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