Covid care home deaths in Scotland plummet to only half those in England

In the last 7 days there were only 36 confirmed Covid deaths in Scotland’s care home, after falling for the 5th week in a row.

Tragically, there were 649 in the last 7 days in England, pro rata, approaching twice the level and failing to fall significantly from week to week.

The failure to follow the JCVI guidance has cost the lives of thousands. Relatives must be considering action.


9 thoughts on “Covid care home deaths in Scotland plummet to only half those in England

  1. old age pensioners feels like they are being culled in england also the telegraph reporting how much the uk saved in pensions because of all the deaths

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  2. Ah but the ABC (BBC) and all other media have received their requisite orders from on high to cleverly disguise such data and slip it in a obtuse sly manner so they can never be accused of just toeing the Government line
    Unfortunately most of England are now in a state of comatose having been suitably stupefied slowly but surely over the years
    Little do they know how such is taking them
    To very dark places where the Future is Not Bright


  3. Plummet, not a word you are likely to being used by MSM, unless perchance by some miracle, England suddenly find their deaths/infections falling faster than Scotland. πŸ€¦β€β™‚οΈπŸ˜


  4. The normal set of medical ethics don’t apply during a pandemic, when public health ethics take priority. So although respecting the relational autonomy of individuals remains pertinent to care ethics, community health and due responsibility to the health of Others take precedence. I pointed to the deficiencies in HMG’s Ethical Framework on the previous thread, but here’s a view from the frontline.

    Of course, things get a bit woolly when your dealing with private care homes, where ethical considerations will come under pressure from commercial interests.

    Ethical decision making in a pandemic: where are the voices of
    vulnerable people?

    Click to access bmj.m2406.full.pdf

    “The UK government has not and is not following its own ethical principles outlined in its covid-19 guideline for adult social care. This needs to be given urgent priority by the government, policy makers, frontline staff, and the wider public, writes Melissa McCullough”


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