NHS England fails to track Brazil Variant but NHS SCotland does

Headlining in the Herald last night:

Three cases of a Covid-19 ‘variant of concern’ first identified in Brazil, have been identified in Scotland, officials have confirmed. Following their return to north east Scotland from Brazil, via Paris and London, three Scottish residents entered self-isolation and then subsequently tested positive for coronvirus, it has been confirmed.   These individuals then self-isolated for the required period of 10 days.

These three have already self-isolated for ten days and no other cases have emerged from those they shared the flights with?

So, there are currently really no cases ‘hitting’ Scotland?

So, Scotland’s test, trace and isolate system works.

Any in England? Three. BBC Scotland reports:

PHE said officials are now [still?] tracking down passengers who were on the same flight from Sao Paulo to Heathrow, via Zurich. The third case identified in England is not linked to the other two cases and the whereabouts of that person are still not known. PHE said the person did not complete their test registration card so follow-up details are unavailable.

So, England’s test, trace and isolate system still not working?

5 thoughts on “NHS England fails to track Brazil Variant but NHS SCotland does

  1. One and one only serious question goes a begging here
    How the F*ck did any passenger coming off the flight,entering a London airport ( presumably) ever pass through Border,Passport or any other control system
    Without completing a test registration card
    This clearly does NOT demonstrate system failure
    But one of NO system whatsoever.
    Heads should roll,but alas in Tory England tis only the head of Nicola Sturgeon Whom they
    This person entered 14 days ago, how doth any know that they since arrival have been a super spreader or any they came into contact
    With and passed the variant on , was asymptomatic and became a super spreader
    Now the authorities have to work backwards
    And they are blindfolded with their hands tied
    I assure you that the manner that say China found itself in similar circumstances then
    Many a head would now be rolling
    Ah but Boris set up a World beating
    Test,Track and Isolate system did he not
    And no doubt shall be duly rewarded soon in the Queens Honours list or by some other means of prestige
    The UK is a failed,tin pot dictatorship to all intent and purposes NOW
    No need to ask what 4 of the Nations that has
    Systematic failure and which one a Banana state
    The consequences of this mutant breaking free and spreading are unthinkable
    Tis not lock down that shall resolve matters
    But one of Lock Up of those in charge that will
    Sort out any future incidents
    Alas though England truly believes it is so special that merely muddling through and
    Carrying on are the one and only winning policies
    Against the mighty forces of Nature that this clever little virus has unleashed upon us
    Tis time they were dealt a lesson that they cannot possibly ever forget

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  2. In this case,the people involved apparently self isolated.
    What if they hadn’t?
    England’s quaratine system clearly doesn’t work so we must take measures to mitigate against these sort of failures.
    Why did these people take this route back to Scotland?
    Presumably to evade England’s quaratine rules on countries on their “red” list and also having to pay £1700 to isolate in a Scottish hotel.
    This should be a criminal offence.

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    1. In one of the reports I read the people actually returned to the UK before the 15th Feb when the new quarantine regulations came into play. I think it was around 10th Feb. Under the old regulations all they had to do was self-isolate, or not since no one was really checking.

      As usual with the UK too little, too late.


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