A shorter month but slightly up on visitors from 34 883 in January.

Still big in Romania and with new entries in Iceland and Gibraltar.

Gary Robertson and Tom Gordon carrying the greatest appeal?

8 thoughts on “February

    1. Some readers suggest FB and or Twitter are not sharing my posts – anti-leftist rather than anti-Indy algorithm?

      I can find no evidence

      More people are interested in ‘conspiracies’ within the SNP?


  1. I think you worry too much about these figures, I worked in web development and SEO for quite a while and these kind of figures are perfectly normal.

    When you first launch a site (especially if it’s using a blogging platform) the first few months about 80 percent of your visitors will be search engine bots and as you can see from the graphs your actual regular visitors are stabilizing at a high number.

    This is all good because it means you have good search engine recognition and you are getting many regular visitors which is what you want

    So don’t worry about these graphs and keep up the good work


        1. As i keep dating with regards Wings
          Without any doubt it has been infiltrated
          By the Dark forces of The British State
          Their paw prints are all over it now

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  2. Why so big in Romania ?

    I find that a lot of my posts particularly longer ones just do not show up , i write my post get taken to wordpress to input my password , put my password in and can tell right away if its going to show up here because if after input of my password there is a slight delay two seconds or so , the post is accepted and appears here but some posts after input of my password take me away immediately , quicker than two seconds and they dont show up here.
    Ive often wondered if its triggered by certain words such as england or westminster , i dont swear or use foul language in life ever so its not that.
    Perhaps my comments are screened by someone i dont know.


    1. Terence Callaghan, I have had the same experiences. Most posts are displayed promptly, but, some, particularly those from my iPad, simply seem to vanish into the aether after I have entered my password. I have tried copying my posts before I attempt to post them and emailing them to myself so that if they do not appear, I can try the same post from one of my laptops. However, even though the post is not showing I get the message “looks like you have already said that”. Frustrating!!!


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