Watch the language as England gets round to ‘offering’ the vaccine for its most vulnerable but it’s far too late for many

BBC 1 tells us this morning:

All care home residents in England have now been offered a vaccine and it’s been hailed as an important milestone.

Note carefully the language – offered. Later we hear the vaccine has been offered to care homes.

Then we hear:

In Scotland 94% have now had their first dose.

But in England, despite the milestone claim:

But NHS England says:

and the figures for staff are comparable with the other nations

I shouldn’t laugh but really, they’ve just had a letter. The vaccine is still in the warehouses and the comparable figure could be anything.

Two weeks ago, Scotland had given the vaccine to 90% of care home residents. At that time Matt Hancock stupidly thought 24% in English care homes was good.

The cost of this delay cannot be confirmed as yet but worrying evidence is emerging. See:

15 thoughts on “Watch the language as England gets round to ‘offering’ the vaccine for its most vulnerable but it’s far too late for many

  1. I was watching a news channel late yesterday, and I’m sure that the phrase used was, “all care home residents in England have been vaccinated”. I thought at the time that that was some turnaround. Now I know the truth.
    As an aside, one of my brothers-in-law, who works in the E.N.H.S, had to travel over thirty miles yesterday, Aldershot to Slough, to get his jag.

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  2. Given the vaccine dose so far administered
    Looks like Scotland has been set up for a fall given 1st jab only 8977329
    Scotland 566289
    UK 600339
    Scotland 22899
    Only hope SG publish actual nos.of vaccines
    Delivered to us c/ w dates received then sent out to those who vaccinate
    If they do so then some simple maths possible
    In order to explain either
    1.Scotland short changed
    2.If proportionally = to all 4 nations how in hell is England doing so well

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  3. I noticed the word offered to and thought it sounded like spin. If nothing else, a lot of us in Scotland now know to watch out for this and to read beyond headlines, and that’s thanks to yourself and all the other big Indy bloggers pointing it out time & time again. So thanks, Happy Birthday for yesterday and keep working on those African figures!

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  4. Yup,the English press are now claiming that All carehomes have been vaccinated.
    The press in England do not question the establishment because that would not be in the “national interest”,unlike in Scotland where they make up stories to undermine the Scottish establishment.
    Another union dividend.

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  5. Remember when honesty and integrity were valued?
    Unfortunately I do ☹️ Sadly I now speak of it in the past tense.

    It is no longer lies:

    I misspoke
    Out of context..
    At that time….
    I was misinformed…
    A big boy did it and ran away…

    And the media now supports these “clarifications”

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  6. I noticed the word ‘offered’ straight away in the first report I read this morning and have noticed it in several reports since.

    It is a careful framing of the actuality designed to deceive the casual reader. Being offered something and actually receiving something are two entirely different things. It is unlikely that 100% vaccination coverage is achievable in Care Homes because residents still have the right to refuse or may not be able to give informed consent or are clinically too I’ll to be vaccinated

    The target in England for the vaccination of all residents in English care homes was the 24th Jan but by that date only 75% had been vaccinated and Jan 31st was set as the new target.

    In Scotland the figure for the vaccination of care home residents stands at 96% or so and for the reasons stated above 100% may not be achieved. Already, and for some days past, the MSM have been characterising the roll out as too slow but England has only achieved its numbers by not prioritising the care homes and going for the low-hanging fruit of the ambulatory elderly leaving care home residents as sitting ducks. The fig leaf of ‘offered’ does not hide that fact.

    O/T but still Covid-19 related – this article may be of interest

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    “The NHS has missed its first deadline for giving an initial dose of vaccine to all older people’s care home residents and staff, and is now working to do so by the end of the month.

    An NHS England letter on 13 January said it was “expecting all [primary care] local vaccination services to administer the first dose of the covid-19 vaccine to care home residents and staff… by the end of this week wherever possible and, at the latest, by the end of next week (Sunday 24th January)”.

    The letter set an additional financial payment to primary care networks for care home vaccinations by 24 January, and a smaller payment for those completed by 31 January.

    It is understood the 24 January target has not been met, and NHSE and the government has now said it is 31 January.

    A spokesman told HSJ that 24 January had been an “expectation” and the final deadline had “always been the end of the month”.

    The representative body for independent care homes, Care England, told HSJ there had been a “number of challenges” with the vaccine rollout which contributed to the delays.

    These include confusion over whether GPs should vaccinate in care homes where there has been a covid outbreak – at least two cases – and the 12-week delay between doses.

    A spokesman said care home staff were told to attend hospital vaccination hubs for their first dose, and that coordinating this had contributed to delays. It is hoped staff will receive their second dose in the care homes to maximise uptake, according to Care England.”


  8. I noticed the word “offered” straight away too. As, having watched the Coronavirus Update, I believe NS did as well. She explained the difference to the journalists(?) when our 98% was compared to WM’s 100%.

    Another word I noticed was “eligible”. What the heck makes a care home eligible? And what renders it ineligible? My only ideas were very cynical…

    PS: I notice this sort of thing a lot more than I did. Thanks, Prof, and other posters. I recommend the site when I can. Keep up the good work!


  9. I “offer” you my congratulations on this excellent post. Note however I do not “give” you my congratulations. No way.


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