A select group?

Though we’ve had an increase in views for the first time May 2020, the number of visitors fell again, for the 8th month in a row and, dizzyingly, from 177 544 in May 2020 to only 34 640 this month.

On the bright side, the extent, relative to overall traffic, and the quality of the debate triggered by posts, I’d argue, has never been more impressive:


  • January 2021: 1 730
  • December 2020: 1 345
  • November: 1 228
  • October: 1 497
  • September: 1 263
  • August: 1 748
  • July: 1 922
  • June: 1 336
  • May: 1 447

Projection of influence (;-)) especially in Africa may be declining:

As for clues to catchy headlines, attacking BBC bias is a stalwart:

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is untitled-195.png

8 thoughts on “A select group?

  1. Ultimately John you are offering a service and a valuable one at that
    But if you consider this in a business manner
    We are endeavouring to reach out not only to
    Fully committed Yessers
    But in order to have any material effect we must reach out to the doubters and soft no votes
    So how is that achieved,well then in reality in order to boost numbers of those who you reach
    This is effectively none other than a selling and marketing exercise ( and personally i hate such )Then there are 4 rules to apply in marketing to maximise success and they are
    1.Get their attention
    2.Once you have it,keep them interested
    3.Then get them not only wanting but needing it
    4.Clinch the deal
    All rather akin to fly fishing for salmon
    The whole objective is to catch one and put it the pot


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