Spot the real headline

In the BBC report today, the facts are there:

A Covid vaccine has been offered to residents at every eligible care home in England, the NHS has announced. Prime Minister Boris Johnson described the achievement, expected to be confirmed by official figures on Monday, as a “crucial milestone“. A target of 15 February has been set for the UK to vaccinate care home residents and carers, people over 70 and frontline care workers.

The headline chosen by the BBC is one of the four here, the one above or one of the three below.

See if you can guess which they went with and make up your own alternative in the comments section below. Prizes based on SFA regulations.

13 thoughts on “Spot the real headline

  1. The British spin machine is making me feel very dizzy.
    Who am I,where am I,who are you,what country is this?
    Virtual reality for the over 70s,courtesy of the UK media.

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  2. Very strongly overall with regards vaccines data that something very nefarious going on
    All the MSM are without doubt singing from the same Government hand out hymn sheet always a big clue especially with their ruthless attack on our figures
    But as the wise say if you really want to know
    Then follow the money
    And it is no accident that the £ on the currency markets has managed almost a 3% gain in the last week against the € & $
    No need to wonder why as the markets are calculating that the Brit.economy will be the 1st to start recovering strongly due to high vaccination numbers
    If you take all other relative data, then no doubt it should be falling or holding steady at best
    Remember the markets are hedging and betting on the future as they see it
    Get it wrong and your fingers burn
    So why are the movements so strong in such a short period
    They know they are on a sure thing
    A 3% gain in such a short time frame is quite phenomenal
    Think. banks if you lucky will give you 0.25 % interest and over a whole year only,and if you forward buying a currency only a small deposit required and 3 Months to settle the balance
    Win Win if you place the right bet at the right
    A 3% gain represents Billions and a very controlled bet by very large players in this market.They use their very short term gains
    To cash in and plough even more in if they think the £ still has legs
    Again Win Win remember the small deposit required along with the 3 month grace to settle
    Without spending one penny if clever you use your short term gains to fatten the beast you
    Nurturing and preparing for your pot

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  3. The are using sport visualisation. See yourself on the winners podium, see the crowd cheering, see the happy faces of your teammates…etc

    The only problem being it is actual result that matter, not your visualisation!

    The media are happy to play along..!

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  4. So it’s now come to this: each and every bit of written or broadcast content from the BBC regarding Scotland requires to be subject to careful ‘textual analysis’. When such analysis is undertaken, it is to assess the most likely interpretations that might be made – or the author wishes to be made – of his/her contribution. And as visitors to this site now know well, the results of such textual analysis reveal a clear and consistent pattern. Thanks to Talking up Scotland we are almost daily being alerted to more examples.

    I read the article on the BBC News website today. Is it attempting an ambitious double deception on the issue of vaccinations? It is evident that:
    (i) the term ‘offered’ is being used as a synonym for ‘received’. Is this innocent but sloppy writing or suspicious? And:

    (ii) the four nations’ performance on care home vaccinations is being reported using different metrics – only one nation’s record, namely Scotland’s, is bundled (hidden) in something else, something broader – and quite unnecessarily so because the data on the same metric used for the other three nations are available for Scotland too. Again is this innocent but sloppy journalism or carefully crafted to make another (albeit small) contribution to the drip-drip-drip process of agenda-driven mis-reporting?

    Here are the extracts from the BBC News website for comparison, with my emphasis:

    “A Covid vaccine has been OFFERED to all older residents at eligible care homes in England, the NHS has announced.”

    “In Scotland, the government said it expected to complete the first stage of its rollout, INCLUDING care homes, by 5 February.

    “Around 75% of care home residents in Wales HAVE HAD their first jab”

    “… while in Northern Ireland the government has said 100% of care homes HAVE RECEIVED a first dose.”


    And then here is the evidence of actual – not ‘offered’ – vaccinations according to the Scottish Government website: “Latest progress on first doses for the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation (JCVI) priority groups as at 8:30am on Friday 29 January:

    28,792 care home residents (96% of residents in older adult care homes and 90% of residents in all care homes)
    38,416 care home staff (85% of staff in older adult care homes and 74% of staff in all care homes)”

    Then compare and contrast these two headlines on the BBC News website today:

    “Covid: Care home vaccine ‘milestone’ reached in England” – triumph!

    “Covid in Scotland: Vaccinations move to next category” – just operational detail?

    How more blatant can this get?

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  5. Interesting statement
    “Social Care minister Helen Whately says a vaccine has been offered to every care home in England where it was possible for teams to go in.
    “We have offered a vaccine to every care home where it is possible to go in,” she tells BBC Radio 4’s Today programme.
    “Any care home that hasn’t been contacted, just let me know and I will personally follow up. I can be contacted on my ministerial email address.”

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  6. Way off topic. More sweeping?

    Psyber Attack@PsyberAttack
    Oh FFS, Serco has been ransomwared and they’ve lost a more than 1TB of data Man facepalming

    Apparently it’s not affected Test & Trace, the sample was uploaded from Portugal 4 days ago and their page is gone from the Babuk blog so it looks like they paid the ransom

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    1. Interesting, looks like lots of organisations have been or are being hacked. If a company doesn’t pay the ransom, they can’t use their systems fully and the stolen info gets put out on the internet…

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  7. Thanks for the explanation, John. I couldn’t understand how Scotland could have fallen so far and so quickly behind England in the vaccination “race”. On first hearing it, I also thought the term “offered”, used, was a bit unusual, but I never thought they would broadcast such an outright lie as this. I should, given past experience, have known better. Bastards.

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