Oh no they’re not! FAIL!

From Jamie Shuttleworth in the Herald today:

Nearly half of family doctors surveyed by a medical body said they are tempted to quit working as general practitioners (GPs) due to the impact of the pandemic. A survey of 280 GPs by the Medical and Dental Defence Union of Scotland (MDDUS) found that 48% said they were likely to take early retirement or quit the NHS.

This is so silly, I should ignore it but I can’t help myself.

Dear research lead at MDDU:

280 GPs?

Out of more than 5 000?

So, 5.6% response rate?

Structured or self-response (‘squeaky wheel‘) sample?

You don’t know what a structured sample is?

Did you maybe ask them a leading question?

You don’t know what a leading question is?

Your ‘doctorate’ didn’t do research methods but you can prescribe something to calm me down?

Did you check to see if there was any hard evidence?

You don’t know what that means?

Like this?

Fewer seem to be retiring each year, only 3.3% of GPs in 2018 but you found 50% and it wasn’t the headline story in the Herald? You must be disppointed.

Your grade for the investigative journalism assessment? Same as the sample size.

5 thoughts on “Oh no they’re not! FAIL!

  1. John, MDDUS offers professional indemnity and expert medico-legal and dento-legal advice, which is accorded title by the Herald “a medical body” rather than an insurance company. ???
    This strikes me as a particularly perverse interpretation by the Herald of what was likely from a report on how many clients were not renewing policies.

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  2. John, MDDUS “offers professional indemnity and expert medico-legal and dento-legal advice”, the Herald’s “a medical body” is a bit of a stretch..
    Essentially out of 280 CLIENTS, “48% said they were likely to take early retirement or quit the NHS” so would not be renewing subscriptions.


  3. Having questioned several Scots on a YES supporting forum I can now confirm by extrapolation that support for Scottish Independence now stands at 100%

    A further survey of the group also confirmed that the readership of the Herald is now zero.

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  4. Organisations like MDDUS and a whole array of representative bodies who gather survey evidence will all have digitally held contact details for their clients and members. If they wish to use survey evidence in pursuit of their interests why, oh why don’t they survey their client base or membership (with their permissions) in a credible way? Why not use randomised samples in order to obtain useful results? It’s not that difficult online. After all, there are very inexpensive software products nowadays to assist with survey design, distribution and analysis.

    Just to give some more stats on Scotland’s GP population: in Scotland in 2020 according to official statistics there were 5,134 GPs (by headcount). There has been a gradual, steady rise in the headcount since 2012 when the total was 4,873.

    Interestingly, between 2010 and 2020, the biggest rises in headcount have been in the following age groups: 30 to 34 (from 674 to 775); 35 to 39 (from 729 to 917); 40 to 44 (from 711 to 838). So the population of GPs is Scotland has become younger overall over the past c. 8 years.

    Also for interest, in 2010 51% of Scotland’s GPs were women: in 2020 the equivalent figure was 61%!

    Source: https://www.isdscotland.org/Health-Topics/General-Practice/Workforce-and-Practice-Populations/

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