England has not DONE the care homes: The clearest of lies to undermine your ain folk

Today we hear from David Wallace Lockhart:

It’s good news when it comes to care homes both in Scotland and England. It appears that everyone, more or less in a care, has been given or at least offered their first jag. What, it could be slightly problematic and Nicola Sturgeon could face questions on today is the fact that England seem to have done that AND a higher proportion of over-80s as well in the community.

and then prompted by suggestions of opposition party concerns:

It appeared that on some measures, the English system was moving proportionally quite faster (sic). Now the Scottish Government always said the reason for that was Scotland was prioritising care homes. That essentially it was more time-consuming and a more difficult logistical project but that would help with trying to get the number of deaths lower across Scotland by focusing on the care homes and then we would catch up with community vaccination and we did, it appears last week we finished care homes whereas England has finished care homes today. But that means that both England and Scotland have now done those care homes.

Katie Hunter was then to repeat the lie in a question to the First Minister and perhaps too politely corrected.

Here’s the truth from BBC UK:

A Covid vaccine has been offered to all older residents at eligible care homes in England, the NHS has announced. Prime Minister Boris Johnson described the achievement, expected to be confirmed by official figures on Monday, as a “crucial milestone”. A target of 15 February has been set for the UK to vaccinate care home residents and carers, people over 70 and frontline care workers.

So, a letter has been sent to all care homes. The target for giving the jags is two weeks ahead. The vaccines are still in the warehouse. By no stretch of the imagination, has England done the care homes.

Wallace Lockhart and his editor at BBC Scotland know this. He let that slip with the term ‘or at least offered’ before going on to forget about it and twice lie that England had done the care homes.

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6 thoughts on “England has not DONE the care homes: The clearest of lies to undermine your ain folk

  1. I also watched this briefing, and when it comes to vaccines their is little doubt skullduggery going on here all to the benifit of Westminster and Lap dog Dross who was foaming at the mouth whilst comparing numbers vaccinated to date
    Dare someone to take him on and tell him whilst we seem to be playing a political game by using carefully selected areas,that we give him comparisons for deaths and infection numbers
    Which pro rata
    England has 84.5 % higher infections and
    51.8% higher deaths
    And should he retort by saying that is politicising this virus
    Reply quite simply
    You bloody well started it did you not
    If such is real then SG should know that such is indeed the facts
    So let’s someone conveniently so to speak
    Leave lying the figs the SG are fully aware of on supply and in storage
    All so someone can take a pic and supply a appropriate YES group with it,then leak it
    Westminster is in full attack mode now
    I remember all these vaccines are public property,procured with public monies
    And as such they are owned by us for use on us
    I remind you all that i previously imparted coded information on this matter of which never ever shall i speak any more of
    We are very deliberately being set up for the
    Attatck dogs to bite
    A bloody idiot can easily see this and as easy as Cat Spells a Cat and 1+1 = 2
    If my suspicions and knowledge accurate then such are the actions of a Imperial Colonial power exerting malign forces upon a section of those who are controlled by them
    Westminster has much past form in conducting similar nefarious operations and all in order to maintain control of a losing situation
    They wish to correct this in their favour

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  2. Put nothing at all past the BritNat state, they will hold vaccines back from Scotland for their own political leverage. It’s immoral, it’s unethical and should be illegal. It’s in effect sanctioning Scotland, same as the EngGov did with PPE supplies in deliberately ensuring they did not reach Scotland, they didn’t even realy hide that fact!
    If that alone doesn’t have some soft no voters wondering why the hell they’d want to stay in such a so called ‘equal union’ I don’t know what will wake them up. This is about saving lives, or not and the BritNat EngGov do not care if those no voters catch Covid and shuffle off this mortal coil.

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  3. The BBC. Headed up by two card carrying Tories in England and an Ulster Unionist in Scotland–you get what you pay for!
    The BBC relationship to the truth I now the same as Boris and the truth. The Boris Broadcasting Corp.
    You couldn’t make it up! Except that is precisely what they do do!

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  4. There are two Qualifications.
    Firstly all the use of the word “older”, the vaccine has been offered to all “older”, residents. So what about the “younger”, residents?

    Secondly, the use of the term “eligible”, so clearly some are not eligible.

    I always become suspicious when qualifications are added for no apparant reason. Eg Boris might say quite truthfully that he has only fathered one, child who stays with him at No 10.


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