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Don’t call me a conspiracy theorist!

Nobody is saying this is a conspiracy. Chomsky applies here too. These are members of the professional, political and media elites acting in what they feel are their own interests (attacking the SNP administration) and in so doing acting in the same interests of those elite groups.

OK? Geddit?

Many of them were at uni in the 70s and 80s where they ran around with the RCG (Revolutionary Communist Group) because the SWP (Socialist Workers Party) was too soft, pretending they ‘d handled a Kalashnikov, calling the police ‘pigs’ and, behind their backs of course, saying the sociology lecturers were ‘ineffective liberal intellectuals.’

By 1997, most of these ‘Temporary Trots‘ had mutated into career Blairites and had gained jobs in teaching, in the unions and in the media. At the same time Alex Salmond had led the SNP troops in a flanking movement to the left of New Labour.

The SNP is the only left-of-centre party in Scotland with a realistic chance of creating a better country. They know that but can never forgive their more ethnic Nat foes back then for changing into what they hoped they’d become.

Back in June the English teacher union, the NEU, had this to say:


Today’s headline story based on another survey, with a self-selecting sample methodology that would fail a 1st year undergraduate, really has scraped the bottom of the cleaner’s bucket to find something the EIS leadership can throw at the SNP Government on behalf of Scottish Labour chums and against the likely wishes of their membership.

I’ll believe a vote for industrial action by a real majority of members when I see it.

I’ve been on strikes before but they were against a managerialist class in education then staffed by former Trots and applauded by others in the Scottish media. I don’t remember the EIS getting sympathetic media coverage from the Herald or the BBC in the early 80s, when action won the relatively good salaries and conditions teachers still have today.

Here are the facts again:

Though infection levels have risen in schools, there has been no surge, teachers have been shown to be no more at risk than other frontline workers and most of all, in the words of Professor Sridhar:

The overwhelming evidence from across the world is that children are safest in school and that school closures increase educational inequalities and have long-term detrimental outcomes for young people. Scotland’s success in providing primary and secondary children full-time, in-person learning from mid-August should be an example for other countries in the world deciding their schools’ policy.

I won’t repeat here, the full facts but you can see them at:


Mind you, perhaps inspired by Vic Reeves, they will not let it lie. True anti-intellectuals, they show contempt for evidence and plough on regardless.

Herald on November 24th:

BBC on November 23rd:

Scotsman on the 21st:

Herald on the 20th:

BBC Scotland on the 9th:

Herald on September 2nd:

Throughout August:

The Herald in July:

These are just the ones I spotted. There will have been many more in the Sun and the Daily Record and on STV.

Has any trade union in history ever had such a warm reception in the state and corporate media?

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  1. The Unions should be very very careful with all this
    Because The Mad Dogs they are feeding
    Will no doubt and when it suits their purposes Bite the Hand off them
    In these matters the Unions most certainly
    Do Not Know Thy Foe
    Think of Poland/Stalin Hitler
    And we know how that little pact ended up
    For all concerned
    Oh what webs they weave
    As they seek to deceive

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  2. Yet another teacher/education story on the front page of the Herald today.

    Yet inside there is a story that should have been on the front page – the Scoscap initiative at the Louisa Jordan hospital. It is a high tech method of detecting bowel cancer without having to stick a tube up the person’s backside. Just swallow a capsule. Painless, detects the cancer earlier.

    Various Health Boards have started using it and are using the LJ as a base. The SG has accelerated its roll-out to help reduce waiting times etc.

    Now that should be all over the front page. Not only would it alert people to the fact that there is a painless alternative to the tube thus bringing more people forward for diagnosis and earlier but demonstrates the NHS is still working and improving thanks in part to the SG…oops the fly in the ointment.. We could not have that could we?

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    1. Especially since the media and the various doctors’ and nurses’ poshly named unions’ representatives have been shouting about a ‘cancer tsunami’.


  3. The NEW journalism. —

    Make stuff up—the “Scottish” press will print it.
    Anonymity–no “named sources” for these people.
    Gossip—It MIGHT be true!
    Gripes, moans and whines—they ARE teachers, after all (sorry John).
    Teach children? Why bother, when they could be running wild.

    Strike? That will be the last thing they do. Empty tin cans……………

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  4. They are doing the same thing reporting false alarm in schools just like the false alarms they reported in care homes all
    based on “someone said”

    Plaster it all over the papers
    Then the BBC and STV report on “ what the newspapers say”

    Of course it’s a plan

    England’s Westminster propaganda war against Scotland continues

    More and more people are seeing through it
    Their game is up

    The britnats like it even though they know it’s all lies
    Win at any cost
    The britnats would happily deny Scotland independence even if a majority of people in Scotland vote for Scottish independence
    and that’s the difference between them and is you see we Scottish independence supporters accepted the britnats won in 2014
    and now that we are a majority we have no intention whatsoever of letting them take that away from us

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  5. “Nobody is saying this is a conspiracy. Chomsky applies here too. These are members of the professional, political and media elites acting in what they feel are their own interests (attacking the SNP administration) and in so doing acting in the same interests of those elite groups.”

    This paragraph gets to the heart of the matter.

    I was a career-long member of the EIS and participated in every formal industrial action there was during these 40 years. The kinds of actions and characters described in the subsequent paragraphs all happened. There is a shameless greed, verging on venality amongst some in these ‘professional’ groups.

    In the struggle for the establishment of the NHS between 1945/47, Aneurin Bevan said of the health professional bodies, “I have stuffed their mouths with money”.

    In 1906, George Bernard Shaw, in his play, ‘The ‘Doctors’ Dilemma’ , pointed up the conflict between professional ethics and medical business ethics.

    Most of my colleagues during my 40 years in education, were, indeed, properly professional in their approach, as were most of those who taught my daughter and her contemporaries, and most of those teachers whom I know. I think all teachers in Scotland should be members of the EIS, but, I think too, that they must be alert to the fact that if you sup with the devil, use a long spoon. Be aware of the limits of such support from media representatives of the elite class.

    These ‘journalists’ still describe private schools as ‘top schools’ and continue to portray the schools which 95% of our children attend as ‘blackboard jungles’ (with stories furnished by the kinds of ‘activists’ that the main article describes or the kind of people who should never have been permitted to be teachers.)

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    1. I ought to have pointed out that, in reference to the genuine professionalism of the teachers who taught my daughter, Mr Flanagan was one!


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