Dirty supply teachers! They’ve tried everything now…or have they?

When I was still in the classroom, we had a rhyme – ‘Old John Pollock had a strike, Eeee, Aye, Eee, Aye, ESSS!’

John Pollock, EIS boss back in the eighties, was the man credited with the transformation of the teacher union into Scotland’s equivalent of the NUM and getting us a decent pay deal from the Thatcher regime and their Labour ‘lodgers in power’ in Edinburgh.

The kids in his school, Mainholm Academy in Ayr, like him now gone, used to chant that rhyme, a friend tells me.

My friend was also belted by Pollock. He could ‘draw the belt!’

Anyhoo, the new man at the helm seems to have a campaign of less appeal and based on a series of ever desperate whinges, mainly in the Herald, to get schools closed and at the same time damage the SNP pandemic strategy which is going far too well for those on the old left in Scotland. The full story is here:


Again the EIS survey is based on another sell-selecting sample of the kind academic researchers say suffers from ‘squeaky wheel syndrome.’

Technically, it’s sh*te.

The full facts on safety in schools during a pandemic are here:


Here are the key points, again:

Though infection levels have risen in schools, there has been no surge, teachers have been shown to be no more at risk than other frontline workers and most of all, in the words of Professor Sridhar:

The overwhelming evidence from across the world is that children are safest in school and that school closures increase educational inequalities and have long-term detrimental outcomes for young people. Scotland’s success in providing primary and secondary children full-time, in-person learning from mid-August should be an example for other countries in the world deciding their schools’ policy.

Will they give up now for Christmas? Will they…..!

Dear reader, what will they try next? Answers below.

My entry:

School hand sanitisers placed too high for smaller teachers!

9 thoughts on “Dirty supply teachers! They’ve tried everything now…or have they?

  1. A real thing which happened: Note delivered to Head Teacher by teacher: “My room is too warm.’ Reply “Open a window.” Note from teacher: “opening a window is not part of my job descrition.”

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  2. True story: An old history teacher in my school ran into the staffroom declaring “I’ve been raised to the peerage” . . . . . Yes some bad boys had written his name in the Latrine.

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  3. BBC Radio Scotland are telling us about a country where UNICEF has started feeding it’s poorer kids has just purchased some (very expensive) specialised early warning aircraft.

    Same broadcaster is about to discuss ” Has Nicola Stuturgeon been disingenuous in her Covid briefings”

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  4. What kind of schools are they implying. No one recognised them. They know dedicated teachers, cooks and cleaners. The teachers do not strike because the Scottish Gov gets together with them to iron out any problems. Things have changed so much nowadays. Teachers are higher educated and bettered paid than elsewhere. They are too smart to strike. They negotiate.


  5. All windaes and doors in all classrooms
    Are to be firmly closed at all times
    As the latest EIS union research has revealed
    That covid 19 thrives in such unventilated
    Enclosed indoor spaces


  6. Strike action required: Asking a question in class results in elevation of hands bringing them dangerously close to teachers’ masked nostrils. A clear and present Covid danger, especially for tiny teachers already endangered by overly high hand sanitisers. The wicked FM is to blame. The only answer is to down chalk and walk out.

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