Average YES lead in last 10 polls is 8.5%, up from 4.5%, in previous 10

While one or two polls with a handsome lead for YES is good news, nothing beats a longer-term trend.

19 in a row with a lead for YES.

21 leads for YES, two ties and two 1% leads for NO, in almost a year, since the beginning of 2020.

And, perhaps most encouraging of all, an average lead of 8.5% in the last 10 up from 4.5% in the previous 10.

The trends are good and we’ve haven’t started campaigning yet.

I know, they’ll play dirty, again, but the electorate is so much more WOKE this time.

Best of all, just for today, a Scotsman poll getting a 14% lead must be sticking in the craws of Scotsman regulars, Brian Wilson, John McLelland and Brian Monteith and their letters page faves, Hugh Pennington, Gill Stephenson and the Scotland in Union Team. Oh yeh, and Neil Oliver!

11 thoughts on “Average YES lead in last 10 polls is 8.5%, up from 4.5%, in previous 10

  1. …but wait!
    The Unionists have a cunning plan to stop us…UJs slapped on every product and project will save their Union…that will do it! won’t it?


    1. Desperate times for the small band of Scot hating Scots.
      How will they earn a crust when Scotland is independent?
      Who would employ a bunch of loopy dupes?


  2. Even if London refuses to engage with an independence referendum,they cannot stop it from happening.
    Should Scots vote yes,then it will come down to the courts and who decides what happens in Scotland,Scots or Westminster.
    Their termination of devolution through the IM legislstion,without our consent,has laid the foundation for a plebiscite of Scots to determine which future we want.
    There is no third way anymore which is why most Scots now support independence.


  3. “Principles of democracy, and the rights of the electorate”.
    The consent of the governed is right up at the top.
    There has been a slow, long term withdrawal of that consent from the Scottish public.
    Scotland is not a colony of England, and England can have no right of veto over us.
    The Union is no longer relevant to a country treated with endless disdain and dismissal.


  4. John, you are the guy for the media. The thought has crossed my mind in recent weeks that the running order of the TV news might just be recruiting for Yes. Take the BBC – ITN is the same – in the first half fifteen minutes, if Covid is leading (sometimes it’s Brexit) that will see about 10 minutes allocated to what is going in England, maybe two or three here and the rest of Wales with a couple of words about NI. Leaving aside the actual content, is there a better example of Scotland’s “importance” in the UK, so clearly expressed, so often?
    Yet, what is the alternative? Do the BBC not have to allocate time in some way consistent with populations, and England has 85%. Yet what is going on in Bradford is about as interesting to us as what is happening in Bathgate is to them.
    This problem is just the structure of the UK.


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