Conservatives blamed as infection rate in England surges to more than three times that in Scotland

Where are they rising? In Scotland? Well the total always is but the daily rate is not really. More below.

Yesterday, the daily infection rate in England surged to 3.3 times that in Scotland.

Over the last two weeks the 7-day average infection rate in England has surged to more than twice the rate in Scotland and the gap is widening as we approach the Christmas relaxation.

The 7-day average has risen in the last 7 days but as you can see in the graph it has really plateaued for the last month after falling in the weeks before that.

Combine that very different trend with a much lower base rate and acceptance of the strict 4 Nations approach to Christmas only makes sense because of the possibility of greater cross border traffic.

However the threat of a hard lockdown beginning on the 29th December may not be required in Scotland.

Oh yes, who blames the Conservatives. Everybody? They’re the government. That’s where the buck stops. If the Scottish Government is to blame for more drug deaths than in England then the UK Government is to blame for more Covid infections and deaths there, than in Scotland.

Fair’s fair. Resign!

9 thoughts on “Conservatives blamed as infection rate in England surges to more than three times that in Scotland

  1. Westminster decided to keep responsibility for determining drug policy to itself which of course makes them ultimately accountable.
    As usual,all the Scottish government can do is to try to mitigate the worst effects of an ideological approach by the Tories.
    Drug addiction is a medical issue and not a criminal one.
    It is the activities which surround this that result in criminal behaviour.
    The hypocricy from certain users of Bolivian marching powder in HM government is just typical Tory behaviour.
    One rule for them……

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    1. On Westminster and the drug problem, recall this from March 2020, as reported in The Herald:

      ‘The UK’s crime minister walked out of a national drug summit in Glasgow before hearing from addiction experts – hours after branding safe consumption rooms ‘a distraction’.

      ‘Kit Malthouse missed key evidence from internationally renowned drug specialists and Irish and Welsh ministers before departing the conference less than three hours after it began to return to London.’

      And in the same article: ‘Jardine Simpson, chief executive of the Scottish Recovery Consortium, told the newspaper: “A wealth of international experts were invited and then ignored. The event was simply an exercise in demonstrating the UK Government is intractable – and in my view irrational – in sticking to its policy approach around addiction.”

      “The UK Government is disconnected even from its’ own evidence-base.”

      But on 24 January, in advance of the same Glasgow summit convened by the Tory government, The Herald had reported this: ‘Alister Jack, the Scottish Secretary, added: “The high numbers of lives lost to drugs in Scotland is a tragedy, a huge cause for concern.

      “I am pleased that the UK Government is to bring experts together from all parts of the country to share experience about tackling this terrible scourge.‎”

      Just another case of Westminster Tories re-affirming their reputation, aided by their ‘rogues’ in Scotland!

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  2. You mention drugs deaths. How could you not when the stats are used by the usual suspects, their uncles and their aunts to beat us as with a big stick.
    Is there any one of your statistical buff friends who can recast the figures using like for like inputs to counter the fact that Scotland is more transparent (naive?) by including deaths where drugs are present but not necessarily a cause of death?
    Am I wrong in thinking that in the early days of counting covid deaths there was a similar discord in recording deaths across the nations?

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  3. SPOT O



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  4. If were Westminster ever blamed for all the awful consequences of their policies then a very large library indeed would be required to detail them all and their subsequent effects

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  5. The 5 day relaxation seems to be set in stone in spite of the devolved nations efforts to chip it down.
    Most people will probably accept the guidance of the First Ministers but a minority will see the 5 days as an excuse.
    Unfortunately the virus spreads exponentially. A minority is all it needs. Don’t be too sure a lockdown won’t follow even in Scotland


    1. I’m not sure it’s set in stone in Scotland Alex, at least I hope not. I thought when this relaxation was first announced it was a bad idea. I haven’t changed my mind, as I feel we are just leaving ourselves exposed to a rise in infections, and subsequent extra pressure on our S.N.H.S in the near future. Why take the chance when the vaccines are so close to providing a solution/.

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      1. There is a body of opinion in my house but not shared by me that if there is a spike after Xmas then NC will be to blame for not cutting the 5 days. 1 SNP vote will be lost to the Greens.


  6. My opinion is that we should bite the bullet and diverge from the rest of the UK. When I read the opinions of the respected scientists such as Devi Shidhar and Linda Bauld, I have a genuine concern that going down the present path, is one we may regret.

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