Astonishing contempt of BBC response to Andrew Marr complaints

Andrew Marr leaves the BBC Broadcasting House in central London after presenting The Andrew Marr Show on 18 October, 2020 in London, England. (Photo by WIktor Szymanowicz/NurPhoto via Getty Images)
The ‘untouchable’

After some delays caused by a flood of complaints, the BBC have offered only one standard response to all complainants to ‘ensure we use our licence fee resources as efficiently.‘ Contempt.

I wrote these two complaints:

Their general purpose response only addressed the first but was sent for both. I’ll complain again about the second.

Here is the ‘response to the first:

That Marr was referring only to the first wave in the Spring when he said: ‘When you look at the data, isn’t the truth that Scotland has the third worst record in deaths from Coronavirus of any country in Europe in the first wave?‘ is correct. I missed that cunning qualification at the time but why did he say ‘has’ and not ‘had’ and why did he select that period to discuss the situation in November? Because the question was sneakily cast to trick the FM and to deceive the viewer.

The death rate over the whole pandemic is, in Scotland 19 723 per 1 million population and, in England, 28 758, much higher. Why was that evidence not used? Because it did not suit.

That weeks weeks 43 to 46 were the best and most up-to-data when the show was broadcast on the 29th November is a lie unless they mean ‘best for our agenda?’ This was conveniently the only period in the whole pandemic that suited their purpose. See:

That it was the most up-to-date is also a lie. The data on infection and death is released every 24 hours. They had 8 days, up the 28th, of ONS and NRS data showing the death rate in Scotland falling below that in England but chose not to use it.

As for the comment: ‘At no point did Andrew Marr suggest this data referred to the entire pandemic‘, this begs the question ‘Why did he not refer to the entire epidemic?‘ To do so would been more informative than cherry-picking to distort the picture.

And, ‘Viewers were clear that the programme referred to an assessment of the first wave earlier in the year before moving onto examine the most recent data available.’ Such arrogance.

I’d stopped complaining. It’s not good for your mental health. Mind you the mental health of those having to write back must surely be in grave danger.

11 thoughts on “Astonishing contempt of BBC response to Andrew Marr complaints

  1. The one sure fire way to succeed in complaining to ABC (BBC) is refuse to pay the licence fee
    Money is the only thing that matters to the English
    1 non payment is more powerful than a 1000
    They are well geared up as to how they respond
    But not so for a serious capitol shortfall if large swift and sure
    So if in droves we stop/ cancel our payments
    Then the cat indeed is loose in their money (pigeon) loft

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  2. The BBC is funded by the British state from General taxation,as far as I know.
    Not sure there is a direct link between money collected from the TV license and that allocated by the British treasury for operating costs.
    Much in the same way that there is no direct link between Vehicle tax and money subsequently spent on Road maintenance.
    The British state continues to fund the BBC because of the importance it places on promoting British state “values” in Scotland particularly.
    The only way to counter this is through sites like this where their propaganda is exposed.
    Once people understand the nature of the beast,the value to the British state is diminished and the calls to privatise the service will become stronger.

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  3. I have sent off a complaint to BBC Newswatch, and sent a letter to the National newspaper, who, up till today have not used it

    “Time for clarity on where responsibility rests, and who should pay for the care of the residents of the homes reported by the BBC Scotland News and the Herald.
    Perhaps you might like to send you disclosure team to investigate the following.
    Lomond Care Home is a British healthcare management company, owned by two US private equity companies, with complex corporate structures, 56 of which are registered offshore either in the Cayman Islands or Jersey and a further 5 in the UK as foreign entities.
    The group’s auditors are offshore tax-avoidance experts Deloitte who have managed to show that HC have declared a loss every year since 2011, but investors have received cash dividends of £42.3m in 2017 and £6.2m in 2018. HC-One has paid no corporation tax in that time, but instead received net tax credits of £6.5m since its reorganisation in 2014.

    David McCann
    BTW BBC Newswatch is Friday 20.45.

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  4. For information – in case you’ve missed this from Independence Live this evening.

    ‘TNT Show #34 – John Drummond interviewing Ken MacDonald, former BBC corres 7.00pm Wed 16 Dec 2020: What does Ken think about #BBCBias, more importantly what do you think? Got questions then let us know.’



  5. Its misuse of statistics for propaganda, pure and simple.
    The BBC is State Broadcaster in the East European sense of State control.
    It should have no role in Indyref2.


  6. Ah well, EBC Complaints is much as HMG Petitions, and possibly even subcontracted to the same people, a Fobbing-Off Service to address negatives, after all, nobody complains or petitions to say they’re happy, do they?
    The beauty of this particular Marr attempted stitch-up is all and sundry spotted it north AND south of the border, the BBC machine is speaking to an increasingly sceptical audience south while many viewers north are discussing the techniques used. Once seen etc..
    Their arrogance precedes a fall…


  7. That Marr was referring only to the first wave in the Spring when he said: ‘When you look at the data, isn’t the truth that Scotland has the third worst record in deaths from Coronavirus of any country in Europe in the first wave?‘ is correct

    NO IT’s NOT
    This assertion is again based on very selective data!

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