Jamie Greene should be embarrassed…about Tory England’s understaffed, underqualified teaching staff and the betrayal of pupils.

The latest in the Herald/EIS campaign to undermine the SNP education strategy continues:

SNP ministers have been accused of letting down teachers and pupils after an “embarrassing” failure to deliver on a pledge to cut class sizes.  Opposition figures criticised ministers for failing “to boost teacher numbers and support pupils despite 13 years in power”. 

Who accuses them? Well, Jamie Greene MSP (Con):

Jamie Greene MSP reveals SNP road maintenance spending up whopping 81% |  The Tusker [Talking-up Scotland]  https://www.scoop.it/topic/talking-up-scotland
(c) Allan Milligan

This is pure fantasy. From the Scottish Government yesterday:

The total number of full time equivalent teachers has risen to its highest figure since 2008, official statistics confirm. New figures have revealed that there were 53,400 teachers employed in early learning and childcare, primary, secondary and special schools or centrally employed.

This is 1,153 more than the 2019 total (52,247). Average class size in primary schools fell to their smallest since 2012, down to 23.1 from 23.5 in 2019. The 2020 pupil teacher ratio for all publicly funded schools was 13.3, an improvement on 2019 when it was 13.6.


The ratio in Primary schools is now 15.4 pupils to 1 teacher and in Secondary schools, 12.5 to 1.

In England:

  • In state-funded primary schools, the PTR has remained at 20.9 in both 2018 and 2019 despite a continued increased in pupil numbers.
  • In state-funded secondary schools, the PTR has risen from 16.3 in 2018 to 16.6 in 2019, continuing the trend of year-on-year increases seen since 2012.


Note, the English figures include unqualified teachers (!)

6 thoughts on “Jamie Greene should be embarrassed…about Tory England’s understaffed, underqualified teaching staff and the betrayal of pupils.

    1. Of course “DRossie the Usurper” is the third Scot Toady Leader to reject Boris (after Ruthless and Carlot), but—when they get thumped at the ballot box, they appeal to Boris to come rescue them from democracy.

      “Send a gunboat Blighty, the pickaninnies are revolting” (in Boris speak).

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  1. The Tories and red Tories are seriously gas lighting Scotland it’s all they have to try to undermine the SNP, and brainwash the people of Scotland.
    The UK is now at it’s best before date, it’s going off, rank, rotten and not even fit for recycling.
    Scotland is a forward looking, civilised country with a rogue backward looking country (via their chouce of government!) next door, and so independence is crucial to Scotland’s survival.
    BritNats should start preparing and ‘get used’ to the fact that they have ensured the end of a UK that had Scotland as a ‘part’ of it. It’s been too exclusive, too much about taking from Scotland while pretending to give, such a myth, Scotland has been scammed big time over the past 3 centuries, it has to stop. England’s Brexit has really made it abundantly clear to the people of Scotland that the UK was never equal, and was never intended to be either.

    All good things must come to end, Scotland has been treated badly, with contempt and ridicule while ‘part’ of the so called union. An amicable divorce would be preferable for all concerned, will England be civilised enough to help facilitate that…that’s the big question now.


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