BBC Scotland’s thing about Women SNP leaders not apparent in Northern Ireland for a Woman Nationalist?

For years now, we’ve seen BBC Scotland and the rest of the press pack in regular feeding frenzies when their opposition party feeders set them off in pursuit of SNP health ministers.

Due to the wider competence of the Scottish Government, Education and Health, being infinitely improvable areas, have become the chosen battlegrounds for a form of proxy war against the SNP.

Due to the mass popular interest in health issues and the fact that no matter how well you do, you could always do better, there have been repeated and extended ‘campaigns’ to unseat two health secretaries. Both objectively far more competent than their equivalents in England, have suffered accusations of personal responsibility for single deaths in a mental health unit (Robison) and a single child in a Glasgow hospital.

No English or Welsh health minister has ever been accused of such failures despite mass hospital deaths of babies in more than one NHS Trust.

The hyena pack has been successful. The current health secretary will retire this year after suffering a sustained assault, presenting her as the face of any imagined failure from building delays and faults to, also imagined, mass infection outbreaks. The previous health secretary, Robison, suffered similar pressure accusing her of the failures of others such as health board managers and then resigned due to understandable health concerns of her own.

Also, in Scotland only, the First Minister will be drawn into any controversy.

Today, we see BBC N Ireland operates in ways similar to BBC Wales and England but quite unlike BBC Scotland.

The headline reports ‘severe pressure’, 17 ambulances queuing and waits of more than 12 hours! Who is to blame? No one. Who is accused? No one.

‘The Trust’ and a ‘medical director’ explain what happened and right at the end we hear:

Deputy First Minister Michelle O’Neill said Sinn Féin “will support any proposals brought forward by the health minister to tackle the current situation.”

Can you imagine Nicola Sturgeon or John Swinney getting off with that? Are BBC N Ireland staff afraid of her?

Wait, they must have a health minister. Ah, it’s Robin Swann, Ulster Unionist Party. BBC accuses Unionist? Maybe not.

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10 thoughts on “BBC Scotland’s thing about Women SNP leaders not apparent in Northern Ireland for a Woman Nationalist?

  1. Here’s the response to my complaint re Andra Marr, same response for all I’m thinking.

    Thank you for contacting us about The Andrew Marr Show broadcast on Sunday 29th November and we are sorry to hear you have concerns about the interview with Nicola Sturgeon.

    To allow us to reply promptly to your concerns, and to ensure we use our licence fee resources as efficiently as possible, we’re sending this response to everyone. We’re sorry we can’t reply individually, but we hope this will address most of the points raised.

    The First Minister of Scotland Nicola Sturgeon was closely questioned on topics such as her handling of the coronavirus pandemic and the attainment gap in Scottish education, and we heard Ms Sturgeon respond at length.

    We don’t agree that the approach taken was biased or unfair.

    When scrutinising the First Minister’s performance during the pandemic, Andrew Marr referred to two distinct periods in his questioning, the first wave in the Spring and the second this Autumn.

    In the first question he asked ‘when you look at the data, isn’t the truth that Scotland has the third worst record in deaths from Coronavirus of any country in Europe in the first wave?’ This is a reference to the ONS, 30 July 2020: “By Week 22 (week ending 29 May), the four countries with the highest cumulative excess mortality saw the respective rcASMRs: England (7.55%), Spain (6.65%), Scotland (5.11%), Belgium (3.89%).” (ONS Comparisons of all-cause mortality between European countries and regions: January to June 2020)

    The First Minister accepted ‘the number of deaths in Scotland has been far too high’ but makes the point that it is not a competition, there are a range of factors at play and that ‘at the moment there is a lower prevalence’ in Scotland than in England and Wales.

    In Andrew Marr’s follow up question he asked Ms Sturgeon ‘If you look at the last four weeks’: the audience is shown the four most recent weeks of comparative figures between the ONS and the National Records of Scotland and Andrew reads these out to the First Minister. The First Minister responded by saying that the death rate per million in Scotland during the pandemic has been lower than England and Wales.

    At the time of the interview the best and most up-to-date data we could use to make a comparison between England and Scotland only went up to week 46 (the ONS data for week 47 was not published until the Tuesday after the programme).

    There is a clear acceleration in mortality from week 43 to the present week so it is a reasonable time by which to compare the mortality impact of the second wave.

    At no point did Andrew Marr suggest this data referred to the entire pandemic.

    Viewers were clear that the programme referred to an assessment of the first wave earlier in the year before moving onto examine the most recent data available.

    The Andrew Marr Show is known for its rigorous and in depth interviews in which politicians and others in positions of power are held to account. The First Minister Nicola Sturgeon was asked a range of challenging questions as were the Foreign Secretary, Dominic Raab, and the Shadow Foreign Secretary, Lisa Nandy. Every interview is different but we believe all three showed the scrutiny, detail and due impartiality the audience expects.

    Thank you again for your feedback, which is highly valued.

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    1. Just the same Coital Bovine Scatology i my response from the ABC
      But a i paid great attention to the fact that they were deliberately corrupting the use of stastical models merely to engineer a set of bad Stats.against Scotland
      Along with the fact that the disparity was certainly due to the fact that Scottish schools and University,s had returned earlier
      Along with the other certainty that as time progresses that quite the reverse would soon begin to appear .
      I build my argument very strongly on the basis of Epidemiology of this virus and how such is so predictable when forward modelling for Hospital,ICU & subsequent deaths
      From their reply I have no doubt this was very carefully thought out before live TV broadcast from the highest possible Authority and was completely done for none other than propaganda without any balance or adherence to the principles of statistical presentation of what is really happening
      To me personally i furnished them with all the clues as to why if they felt they had to present such time frame stats.then should only have been done so with a strong caveat that all data and science regarding this virus will soon show that in the next 4-8 weeks that the data
      Will clearly show that in fact that the reality of deaths should reflect quite a different picture of the one you have just presented
      In the most nefarious of manners


  2. Do you have a list of all whose resignations have been sought over the years?
    I only started to notice when the Transport Minister was blamed for the weather, jack-knifed lorries and ill-prepared motorists.

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    1. lkl, And Monica Lennon today calls for the resignation of the public health minister because a lot of drug addicts are dying. I’m sure Mr FitzPatrick regrets these deaths, but I think there are reasons for this and I doubt Monica has the answers herself. It seems the opposition parties just like to shout “Resign or Sack Them” when they have no concrete solutions themselves. I’m with you, I’d like to see a list as well. Bound to be double figures.


  3. Bbc radio Scotland just after 1pm news . . . . Linda Bauld “What we are seeing here is the FM retreating ” from her earlier position, re lockdown relaxation over Christmas.
    Has she never heard of . . . When the facts change I change my position.

    Whilst Johnson is cooly re-calibrating his clear advice for the benefit of all. . . . Aye so he is

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  4. Labour the only party that did not support MUP. Then making bleeding heart speeches about premature alcoholic deaths. MUP has cut alcohol consumption and premature deaths.


  5. Sadly for the “nudge-monkeys” the Scottish public caught up with their antics when they went after Jeanne Freeman on QEUH, the rest is a history of smears and innuendo, but not once did JF flinch.
    Whatever drove her decision to retire, none could begrudge, she delighted the public by being true to herself and reminding them honest politicians DO exist, in sharp relief the vast array of MSP barking on command to those off-stage.
    The days of the Unionist cabal of Smith & Co dictating what SG must do are over, they just don’t realise it yet…


  6. John
    Here more data released today regards vaccinations completed since launch
    UK total 137897
    England Total 10800
    Scotland 18000
    This in pro rata terms means
    Scotland @ 8.1% of English population
    Should show 8.1% of 10800 which is 8748 no.
    Therfore pro rata Scotland,s performance
    Exactly + 48.6 % higher than England
    And no doubt the fact that J.Freeman a woman in charge up here
    And a block of dense wood J.Cleverly in charge down there
    Has led to such disparity
    Andrew Marr are you paying attention
    As you most certainly not a block of dense wood


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