BREAKING NEWS: Only ONE in 19 355 Scots arrested for Covid house party breaches

From BBC Scotland’s Tabloid Trash Section today:

Police Scotland’s latest data on Covid breaches reveals that officers are repeatedly visiting the same properties to break up parties. The call logs, which have been obtained by BBC Scotland, also show that a number of people have been handed multiple fines. On 28 August the police were given the power to break up house parties contravening social gathering rules. Since that date, officers have been called out nearly 5,000 times.

So, 5 000 call-outs with an unspecified (why?) number of them repeat call outs and an unspecified average number (why?) present.

Given the headline, you’d think they’d be able to tell us how many repeat call-outs there were and what the percentage is. Too wee to bother with?

More revealing: 2,000 fines have been issued and 279 arrests have been made.

So, 1 in 2 700 Scots have been fined and 1 in 19 355 have been arrested. Wow? Not.

Here are the Tabloid Section’s gems with corrections in bold:

The data, received through a Freedom of Information request, listed incidents which included:

This is all we could find:

  • a party of 10 people found at a Glasgow address, where the householder had previously been issued with two fixed penalty notices (FPNs)
  • Just the one.
  • in the north east six people were warned after being found at two different parties in the same evening
  • Just the one.
  • officers attended a Glasgow address following a report of a noisy party. Fines were issued to five people – four of whom had previously received Covid-related fines
  • Ooooh, four? Wow!
  • in Ayrshire people attempted to jump out of the windows of a property when police arrived. This was the second time officers had attended the address having previously issued a fine to the householder
  • Just the one in all of Ayrshire?
  • and police went to a Renfrewshire address where they gave fines to two party-goers who had previously been issued with a warning
  • Oooh, two ‘party-goers? Wow!

Maybe I should find a healthier hobby?

3 thoughts on “BREAKING NEWS: Only ONE in 19 355 Scots arrested for Covid house party breaches

  1. The Ventriloquist and his Dummy.

    Anti-Nat; frappe de guerre,
    Hides news that deserves a media glare.
    So Bernard Castle? Well you know where.
    Once went a man who wisnae there.
    While the rest o’ us had a covid scare.
    HE got bunged £40,000 mair.
    Jist tae staun aside the Boris chair.
    An’ pit words in the mooth o’ the big blond bear!

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