I see no surge

When infection levels have been falling steadily for two months, with a very small increase in the last week, it’s hard to see any surge:

The 7-day average for new cases has now fallen from a peak of 1 225 to 885. Can you have a downward surge?

As for the death rate, it peaked on the 13th of November at 35 and is now 23. No tsunami of death either?

If you’d like to see a surge or even a tsunami of new cases try England or Wales?

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is surge.png

2 thoughts on “I see no surge

  1. No – over 800 is not a surge – it’s a continuation of a high number of new cases every day. The rate of infection is not falling. The positivity ratio is not falling. While England and Wales figures are rising ours having flatlined are also starting to rise (xmas shopping maybe) and I fear will get worse thanks to 5 day open season for the virus.


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