SNP Leader’s ‘Draconian’ actions may save hundreds of lives

Reading between reports in the Times and the National (I can’t find the Public Health Scotland source), it seems that the Scottish Government’s restrictions imposed on Glasgow, Lanarkshire and Dunbartonshire, more than 6 weeks ago, then imposed on a wider area in the Central Belt on the 2nd November, have led Public Health Scotland to predict far fewer deaths in the next few weeks than they had previously feared.

A figure of up to 90 deaths per day, in the worst case scenario, has now been revised down to 20 or 30 in mid-November before then falling again. Nearly 500 deaths per week may have been prevented by acting quickly.

Readers will remember only too well Scottish media platforming the protests from business interests against ‘Sturgeon’s draconian‘ measures and prioritising short-term economic factors over public health:

Worst of all was Kaye Adams championing of another retired prof to claim lock-downs are not needed:

Mind you, BBC Scotland’s promotion of tiny Facebook group, Care Home Relatives Scotland‘s demands for quicker access to the elderly and vulnerable¬†was a contender for stupid point-scorer of the month:

If you see ‘Sturgeon’ get any credit for this, let me know.

One thought on “SNP Leader’s ‘Draconian’ actions may save hundreds of lives

  1. On the one hand, dozens of potential deaths.
    On the other hand, gym owner whines (from outside Scotland) “he will not open any new gyms in Scotland”.

    Who gets the headlines from the “Scottish” media?


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