BBC’s Kaye Adams finds another ‘Pennington’ to undermine SNP Government pandemic strategy and risk lives

Professor Raj Bhopal

Prof Bhopal, leading authority on prevention and control of cardiovascular diseases and of diabetes in South Asians

After a rambling account of his own memories of ‘Time gentlemen please‘ and repeating what the First Minister has been saying everyday, telling us to prioritise the young, warning against any more lock-downs, as if he’s the big expert saying it for the first time and before a, clearly getting-embarrassed host, tries to wind him up, he bursts in again to tell us about his ‘methods‘:

One thing before I go. I have written extensively and I have been privileged to have many interviews and I’ve written extensively on this topic so people can listen to me and I would like to say that I’ve had overwhelming support for what I’ve been saying and what I’ve been writing. 95% of the public and professionals from all over the world. People have been writing to me spontaneously. I have not written to them to say you have found the middle ground. I would ask people to put it into Google and listen to my long interviews. Some of them are over an hour!

Over an hour eh? He must know about this. Any research? Published? Peer-reviewed? No?

I don’t know if Prof Sridhar has responded but I feel sure Willie Rennie likes the sound of that ‘middle ground‘ and Kaye ‘loves that disagreement among academics.

Kaye clearly knows little of research methods if she’s happy with that.

Weighing in against the active, globally influential professors Sridhar and Bauld, of Edinburgh University, she has, making a come-back, Professor Raj Bhopal who retired from the same university in 2018.

So, not as long-retired as Prof Pennington, is Prof Bhopal, now BBC Scotland’s youth policy? Even they must have been getting a bit red-faced wheeling on Pennington all the time.

Bhopal, unlike Sridhar and Bauld does not seem to have ever advised governments on the control of viral or even bacterial outbreaks. Rather, he seems to have specialised in:

An epidemiological approach to investigating ethnic differences in health and health care, particularly among ethnic minority groups.  It has included work on the prevention and control of cardiovascular diseases and of diabetes in South Asians.

I’m no expert but, I don’t think face masks, hand-washing or social distancing work too well with diabetics or those at risk of a heart attack.

10 thoughts on “BBC’s Kaye Adams finds another ‘Pennington’ to undermine SNP Government pandemic strategy and risk lives”

  1. Blocked for inviting me to listen to the Kaye Adams shitshow (if a US TV commentator can use the word about Trump …).


  2. Another ” scientist” enters from stage right to utter mere dicta in the hope that his opinions on matters outwith his field of technical competence will carry weight with the lay public .Scientists are like golf clubs , there’s little sense in putting with a driver.


  3. This is the sort of thing that happens when you have more than one government in your country.
    The representatives of one government trying to undermine the other which currently has reponsibility for health policy and implementation in that country.
    Imagine the outcry in England if German TV and press corps were continually telling them how bad the Westminster government was?
    How would that go down?


  4. Its my opinion ( what what it’s worth) that Kaye is building up an “audience” of utter gullibles who will believe any loony-tune snake-oiler ( Gove et al) who gets air time on her show.
    Not so much a Shock Jock as a Mock Jock!
    This before indyref2.

    Scotland has few, if any, options for impartial expert advice.
    Call Kaye is not one if them!

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    1. Definately building up an audience, been at this for some time. Hard of thinking preferred target.
      Encourages moaning.


  5. I didn’t get the impression that Kaye’s hopes as expressed in her build up to Prof. Bhopal were filfilled. He didn’t quite deliver “The Scot Gov. Are wrong” blow she was hoping for. He emphasised at least twice that the Scot. Gov. are getting things right. He was advocating a middle of the road aporoach from The SG. , and that seems very likely. Prof. Bhopal finished off with a bit of self promotion telling listeners off his interviews on You tube. (Some in excess of 1hr).
    Another flop for the morning moan-in.

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  6. Will the real Hugh Pennington please stand up?

    And there he is, on BBC 24 news, to comment on Scotlands new virus controls.

    Of course he isn’t a virologist.
    He isn’t a working academic of any kind.

    What he is, is a British nationalist propagandist—therefore worthy of BBC patronage. As usual!


  7. Watching the evening news you would be forgiven for believing the virus is raging only in Scotland. No figs shown for England just the usual ‘UK’. Disgusting media bias and why they are the least respected around the world.

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  8. Nobody says
    But everyone knows
    That Kaye , Beattie , the newspapers and the tv and radio
    Tell lies
    Just like Boris and Trump

    People in Scotland and other countries across the world despair
    Covid@9 has awakened a realisation that politicians the media the police and many businesses are all in it together
    Fooling controlling the public keeping them in a straightjacket that allows them to profit high pay low

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