BBC Scotland promotes covidiocy and care home infection

Early this his morning and to be repeated throughout the day, we heard:

Scottish airport passengers should be tested for coronavirus on their arrival at the airport instead of facing a two-week isolation period. That’s what Scottish Labour is calling for. They’re also proposing a follow-up test at home. The party also wants ministers to agree a specific support package for the aviation sector.

Astonishing! It’s clear that testing at the airports is unreliable due to the incubation period of the virus. Telling people they do not not need to self-isolate after returning from places where the pandemic is now surging is irresponsible. A follow-up test? Horse, stable, bolted?

Why is this the headline story? Is a call from the Labour HQ shed enough to just push their cynical idea to the front?

As for further support for the aviation sector. Is Scottish Labour so value-flexible now that they want to throw taxpayers money at huge corporations in the hope that some air-headed voters might think the annual trip to El Morron (nr Benidorm) is back on?

Get your cheap holiday in other people’s misery, with Scottish Labour.

Not finished, we get:

Campaigners with relatives living in care homes are to stage a socially distanced protest outside the Scottish Parliament today calling for closer access to their loved ones. Care Home Relatives Scotland say residents are suffering physically and mentally because families can no longer provide the companionship they could before the pandemic.

I can’t find Care Home Relatives Scotland anywhere. They don’t seem to have a website. How has the Reporting Scotland editor applied the BBC guidelines on checking sources with this one?

I claim no expertise here but as infection levels climb should we not be doing our very utmost to keep it out of the care homes, this time?

In what was only a two-minute insert in BBC Breakfast and between these two reports contradicting Scottish Government efforts to control the virus, we heard that ‘some teachers‘ were unhappy with John Swinney.

Two minutes, three reports challenging Scottish Government policies – these stories did not choose themselves.

21 thoughts on “BBC Scotland promotes covidiocy and care home infection”

  1. Good morning. Nice to see you back. I have been missing the daily scroll through your articles.
    The issues concerning the 14 day quarantine period have been discussed at length at the First Minister’s daily briefings. It has been repeatedly explained why the quarantine period (while not perfect) is the safest option at present to minimise importation of the virus. For some reason the journalists that keep bringing this question up refuse to accept the answer to their questions. It might have something to do with the power of the airline industry and their advertising budgets.

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  2. Firstly
    It is nice to see you back and hope nothing of a serious nature was responsible for your absence
    Jokingly were you getting the water torture from MI5 or Asocc.
    Now to business and in particular your very last line of
    These stories did not choose themselves
    Most certainly this is the case
    But i would remind the chosers in the
    ABC that they
    Will find upon Indy that it is we who chose not the stories but those who chose and tell them and as such the current lap dogs
    In ABC spruce up their CV and pay particular attention to their shelf stacking and toilet cleaning skills
    They are so lucky they not French as their fate would be staring into the bottom of a empty basket for a few minutes as due reward
    As the blade rushed towards their locked necks

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      1. John
        Well of late i opened a bottle of a now demolished distillery
        Glenesk 26 yr old
        Wow stunning
        What buffoon ordered the demolition of this one
        Oh what the World misses due to the indifference of the Scots

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  3. Interesting article and graphics in this article about transfer of the virus between regions and countries.

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    1. Pentlander
      And such is 100 % correct
      And indeed corona may be described when mishandled by persons of responsibility such as those politicians
      Who utter complete nonsense upon such matters
      May be described as weapons of Mass Destruction
      Instead of looking for such in Iraq
      Me thinks success would and can only be found by looking In The Mirror


  4. This insert is aimed at a UK, and particularly ENGLISH audience. People elsewhere in the UK have a much more positive view of the FM’s daily information briefings than they have of the intermittent ones by Westminster. So, by presenting three BAAAAD items they are seeding the idea that this ‘perceived’ competence does not stand up to inspection.

    Channel 4 News has been doing this since the start of lockdown with Ciaran Jenkins’ daily reports on baaaad things in Scotland.

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    1. This could well be the case. In fact, I’ve changed my mind about brain-washing. It DOES exist. I have relatives in NW England. Good, generous people. So it was worrying to hear them talk about “all the immigrants flooding the country – something had to be done”. When they worked for Immigration, they’d say “we’re cut to the bone, we don’t have the staff” AND THEY’D FORGOTTEN THAT. Frightening.

      As I countered one argument, another would be raised. It was causing rows. My responding to “We’re all part of the same country” with “1 – Scotland’s actually a separate country. 2- it’s a pity they didn’t remember that when they refused us our share of the PPE because it was reserved for England” got the phone slammed down on me.

      They’re good people and I’m not prepared to give up. So I tend to take a more oblique approach now… I’ve just been telling how things are tackled up here (they worry), dropping a few non-controversial gems and leaving it at that. eg this week’s was that WM could effectively force Scots back to work by withdrawing support for people who need to quarantine for 2 weeks because they hold the purse strings. “But that’s ridiculous, they won’t be able to stay off!”

      I was told that they don’t listen to “those idiots – they don’t know what they’re talking about. We can tune in to the Scottish ones. We base our advice on what you tell us is happening and what she [ie NS] says”.

      Hearing for themselves the fact that test & protect is so much better, work from home if you can being the default etc is having an effect. Their response to hearing the BBC are saying they’re going to stop broadcasting them because they’re party political was “Rubbish! She’s just trying to fight Covid and she seems to know what she’s doing”.

      They went and spoiled it a bit by adding “In fact, the only thing I don’t really like about her is that she wants to split off Scotland.” *sigh*

      It’s a work in progress.

      Sorry to rabbit on. Hope it’s a useful illustration for what’s happening south of the not-Border. 🙂

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  5. BBC are issuing news stories that encourage behaviour that undoubtedly spreads codid19 much more quickly.
    I think they will hide behind the excuse of it being news stories from trusted sources such as “ the Labour Party “.
    There is no doubt whatsoever that the BBC know they are issuing news stories that encourage people to behave in ways that will kill people.

    This is political propaganda by the BBC

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  6. Kaye Adams had a discussion on this today – I rarely listen and stopped listening to this early. Two “heartbroken” relatives, one of whom set up the organisation and today’s protest. The question of transmission within the home was referred to briefly. Can you imagine the furore if , despite all preventative measures, visitors brought in the virus? No doubt SG and Ms Freeman would be excoriated.


  7. Good to see you’re Back John. . . .

    The BBC in Scotland’s Morning Moanin

    Call Kaye: Is it time to discuss the delicate balance between keeping people safe in carehomes with their quality of life.

    Aye Kaye lets do that as long as you and your colleagues promise not to label the resulting deaths in these carehomes due to Covid-19 as “The Crisis in Scottish Carehomes”

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  8. I know some will disagree, and that’s fine by me, I’m not seeking to start a debate.

    But I just don’t get the “specific support package for the aviation sector” type of calls.

    Have Scottish Labour (and others) forgotten about the climate emergency?
    Support for aviation workers? Yes.

    But an industry who’s business model is built on generating more greenhouse gases (more flights = more revenue = more ghg) and therefore has a questionable future either if we don’t want the world to burn or when oil runs out? No


  9. I tweeted this last Friday and astonishingly it has been read over 52,000 times with almost a thousand likes and over 400 retweets: “Why do we need First Minister’s daily briefings to be broadcast live? BBC News website update today confuses UK, Britain, England & Wales, and England on rules- BBC can’t be trusted to report succinctly, correctly and appropriately. That’s why.” My later tweets offered other examples of misinformation, misinterpretation, etc. Seems to be a pattern in the BBC and many recognise it across Scotland, across parties and well beyond.

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