Survation poll puts SNP at over 58% and Lib Dems in 5th place at less than 2%!

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Yay we beat the Brexit Party!’

In an online poll of 1,034 adults aged 18+ living in the UK and fieldwork between 5th and 6th November 2020 support was:

Con 22.14%

Lab 14.23%

Lib Dem 1.64%

SNP 58.53%

Green 2.81%

Brexit 0.64%

To be fair it was a small sub-poll of only 79, but we can still have fun with it.

12 thoughts on “Survation poll puts SNP at over 58% and Lib Dems in 5th place at less than 2%!

  1. At Thermopolae the Spartans ( don’t forget the Thespians!), had three hundred to combat the Persians 10’s X thousands………….

    Scotland has our brave 79 to face up to Boris Xerxes and his legions, led by Rennie, Leotard and DRossie………

    I know who my money’s on!

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  2. O/T
    Been watching various BBC outputs post Biden’s success being announced this evening – endless, endless (desperate?) references to ‘special relationship’ between USA and UK, and therefore PM Johnson and the new president. It is candidly, cringe making! Another dimension of BritNat exceptionalism.

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    1. Biden is extremely proud of his Irish origins
      And all please note Ireland are the 1st nation to officially congratulate him
      Biden is on record that he is fully aware of British history with regards Irish Independence
      I only hope Nicola is smart and gets out the blocks fast in sending Biden appropriate and smartly worded congratulations
      As for Boris he his up Sh*t Greek now and no paddle all due to his illegal amendments to the EU withdrawal agreement throwing Ireland under the bus
      Tis he that now has the bus being driven in his direction
      Hell shall freeze over before USA enters into a trade agreement with the UK
      Soon they will find just what the word special
      Really means
      The Celts have a saying which to them is sacramental and it is this
      The Blood is Strong

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  3. May i add to my previous comment Re.Biden and his Celtic roots
    Obviously The Blood is Strong
    As he has adopted for his security call sign as all US presidents are and in order for
    All US security agencies can readily identify
    Him when communicating internally
    The name he has chosen is
    Boris take note please


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