Glasgow Hospitals are Miles Better than BBC Scotland would have you believe!

From our Glasgow Sport Correspondent, Brian McGowan:

Stobhill hospital has launched a same-day hip replacement programme and has successfully treated its first patient. The programme is built on established principles from the pioneering partial knee-replacement service established at the hospital two years ago. Orthopaedic services were temporarily paused due to the pandemic but have now relaunched with expanded capacity.

William Clunas, 29 from Kilsyth, was admitted as an outpatient to Stobhill ACH on the 13th of October and discharged the same day after successfully receiving a full hip surgery to replace his right hip.
Electrician William initially thought he had a trapped nerve, but what turned out to be arthritis quickly took its toll on his everyday life and left him unable to move without experiencing severe pain. William said: “I had to sign off of work. I wasn’t even able to take the dog for a walk as the pain was unbearable. I started missing out on all the normal things in life I took for granted.”

William, whose original appointment was delayed due to start of the pandemic, met the category for the single day turnaround surgery at Stobhill, which is undertaken by an expert team of orthopaedic specialists based at the hospital. William was in and out in a matter of hours, marking the first of up to four patients per week who can now have a full hip replacement and be discharged in the same day.

The Tusker brings you this as part of out ‘Glasgow Hospitals are Miles Better than BBC Scotland would have you believe!‘ campaign.

Earlier reports:

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  1. Just imagine what we can & will achieve
    Once we are Independent
    The World is and shall be our oyster
    Seize the Day
    The Future is bright
    And tis NOT orange

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