Could this be THE news?

In the last 24 hours, Scotland was the only part of the UK to have no deaths caused by Covid-19. No Scottish media have noticed it though they have noticed that Scotland’s infection rate, for the first time ever, was higher than England’s. That WAS THE news.

Is the above map a fluke? No. In the last seven days, Scotland had far fewer deaths per 1 million population:

What about the whole period of the pandemic?

Other than Northern Ireland fortunately separated by sea, Scotland has had the lowest death rate and far lower than in England.

I know, the care homes! Didn’t I hear Scotland was the worst? Gotcha?


Research reveals deaths during Covid-19 peak were 27% higher in English care homes:


All graphs from:

14 thoughts on “Could this be THE news?”

  1. The ONLY time Scotland is referenced, with context, is when we are perceived to be worse than England.

    Scotland performing better?—Move on—its NOT news for the Brit Nat media.

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  2. On Good Morning Scotland on BBC Radio Scotland this morning David Clegg, editor of the Dundee Courier puzzled over Nicola Sturgeon’s popularity with the Scottish electorate.
    He told us that in the early days of Covid Scotland had made the same mistakes and had the same problems as England regarding PPE, testing and the care home “crisis – perhaps even worse in Scotland”.
    Yet, he said, while Boris Johnson’s reputation has been “shredded”, Nicola Sturgeon’s has been “enhanced” with support for independence “soaring”. “Why is that?” he wondered. His answer – it’s Nicola Sturgeon’s “ubiquitous presence on television”.
    Hmmm, maybe it’s because more and more of the Scottish electorate don’t believe the MSM’s scare stories about the Scottish government’s mishandling of PPE, testing and care homes!
    About 1hour 45 mins in:

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    1. They are wheeling out their “Big Hitters” brushing up their Lying skills for the coming Union threatening election . Dugdale was wheeled out after GMS this am.

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    2. Attempting to sow seeds of doubt by the sound of it. Hmm, why might N. Sturgeon be so popular, could it be she is given sooo much airtime? Lol, htey are so desperate to get her off the tv screens, it must be maddening for them taht she IS so admired for her competence and effectiveness as FM. She has the patience of a saint, not many of us could stand the onslaught of BritNat hatred towards us on a daily basis. The essential life saving daily briefings are a task and a half, with the passive agressive BritNats asking ridiculous questions and politicising the whole thing.

      The BBC and the BritNats at Holyrood, politising this pandemic in their quest to demonise the SNP is an absolute despicable attack on the people of Scotland, and on democracy. How dare they.

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  3. Not in the news where we are To report positive Scottish performance in context would breach the mainstream media norm of only showing comparisons when they support a negative narrative .

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  4. Here are the figs.for last 8 days
    From 19/ 9 to 20 /9
    New infections
    Scotland 3106 i.e.565 / million

    England 32297 i.e.582 / million
    So England has pro rata 3.1 % higher infections
    But their testing is in utter chaos and as time passes the divergence will explode
    As Scottish tests are highly focused and targeted


    Scotland 5 i.e.1/ million
    England 194 i.e. 3.5/ million

    So England pro rata 217 % higher deaths
    Now as it is impossible to extrapolate
    ICU & Hospital admissions for England
    I must compare Scotland with Whole of UK
    ICU new admissions

    Scotland 2 i.e. 0.3 6/ million
    UK 124 i.e. 1.83 / million
    So UK pro rata 409 % higher than Scotland

    NEW Hospital Admissions

    Scotland 35 i.e 6.36 / million
    UK 646 i.e. 9.58 / million
    So UK pro rata 50 % higher than Scotland
    But the big clue here is the new ICU admissions
    Note Scotland at 0.36 / million
    UK at 1.83 / million
    Which clearly demonstrates Scottish tests working and serving purpose whilst
    UK not working and picking up those suffering severe covid symptons

    Very Very IMPORTANT and regards BBC (ABC)
    Reporting and not only skewed in balance in content BUT infactual in a most serious matter
    Yesterday on BBC news Scotland and a article on their web site and no.1 article headed Cases surge in Scotland
    Contained in such article is Quote
    ” In last 7 days almost 3500 new cases ”

    But if you check UK.Gov. daily corona dashboard
    What you get for 20/ 09 to 26 / 09 ( 7 days )
    Is 2861 new cases & Not almost 3500 as they report
    And their 3500 is 22.33 % higher than the official data
    I have lodged a formal complaint requesting correction and apology
    If such not timeously given I shall take the matter to The Regulator Offgem


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