Guardian lets David Clegg sneak the expected lies in at the end

In the Guardian today, under the heading, Covid has reduced Scottish independence to a basic question: Sturgeon or Johnson?, David Clegg, has a go at being one of those clever journalists with a long piece on how good a performer the First Minister is before, at the very end, slipping in those same lies, above, about performance.

Once supposed journalist of the year, Clegg ignores the private care-home owners responsibility for the deaths and any PPE shortages, the 99% successful contact tracing system here and the fact that Scotland could not lock down earlier because it had neither the legal right to do so, was pressurised to stay with the fatal 4 Nations approach so popular with arch-Unionists like him and because it does not have the power to borrow the money required for furlough schemes.

The gaze of hindsight has Clegg already judged.

Do the good folk, like Libby Purves, at the Guardian know what they have allowed onto their pages? I guess they haven’t seen examples of Clegg’s typical standard:

Ex-top civil servant 'can't rule out' informal complaints of harassment  against Alex Salmond during his tenure - Daily Record

5 thoughts on “Guardian lets David Clegg sneak the expected lies in at the end”

  1. Harry Burns, recently appointed president of the BMA was on the Alex Salmond show this week along with other experts in the health field. Harry specifically stated that introduction of covid to care homes was through care home workers. The media continue to turn a deaf ear to this fact. The show was entirely devoted to covid 19 and is worth a view for anyone that missed it.
    Nicola continues to shine at the daily briefings and has in my opinion passed Eleanor Roosevelt’s teabag test; “A woman is like a teabag- you don’t know how strong she is until you put her in hot water”

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    1. The Guardian, in some respects is actually more smugly and patronisingly British Nationalist than papers like the Daily Mail, Express, Sun. These papers have actually produced specifically Scottish editions for many decades and a lot of the content is actually about Scotland and produced by journalists who actually live here. The Guardian has never had a Scottish edition, just a ‘correspondent’. When it left Manchester many years ago and dropped the place from the title it has been the most anglocentric, indeed, metrocentric of all the former Fleet St titles.

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  2. The Graun, pretendy lefty rag. John Pilger has a few things to say about it…and not good at all.

    How dare they print lies and misinformation about Scotland’s government, a BritNat rag through and through.

    Let’s not forget that the EngGov effectively sanctioned Scotland in not allowing companies to actually send PPE to Scotland a few months back.
    Absolutely bloody criminal, effects deadly. The BritNats would and have really, allowed people to die during this pandemic, they should be locked up.
    Journalists lying as Clegg does, are an insult to real journalists, some of whom are persecuted and even murdered for trying to tell the truth about their governments and corporations fraudulent activity and malpractice etc…Clegg should hang his head in shame.

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  3. There was a point about 2 yrs ago when Clegg lost the appetite for defending the Union. Within months he was moved North to another yoon rag. Clegg’s position at the Record was taken up by another political expert Hutchy. Who gave up his comission at another yoon rag (The Herald)
    Moving from the Herald to the Record is probsbly viewed in the trade as a promotion .

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