Draining the swamp!

Wings Over Scotland | We need to talk about Ian

I forgot the Ipsos MORI poll a few days ago suggesting SNP support at 7% across the UK and at 60% in Scotland but they have since mapped the effects and, at last, it would mean goodbye for Scotland’s only Labour MP currently being kept by the blue-rinsed Tory ladies of Edinburgh South.

Ipsos MORI and YouGov tend to get closer to actual SNP turnout with their sampling than some of the other pollsters so I take pleasure, if controlled by realism, in that pure yellow map.

Wings Over Scotland | We need to talk about Ian

7 thoughts on “Draining the swamp!”

  1. Little do they realise as that they spew forth their orchestrated propaganda
    That the slowly but surely increase support for Indy
    In fact it is safe to state they are now. Fighting a rear guard action by attempting to keep the undecided and soft NO voter
    In line
    Whilst the fact of the matter tis only the avid NO vote they have any hope of saving now
    So long may their rants continue


  2. While it is nice to see a map of Scotland (less the Northern Isles!) in a uniform mimosa, extrapolating the data based on a UK wide sample is not sensitive enough to account for the specific local factors, such as Lib Dems in Orkney/Shetland and parts of Fife, Tories along the border. Nevertheless, the trend for a number of years and in successive polls by a range of organisations does tend to suggest that a single colour map is possible.

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