Starmer does not accuse UK Government of failing to plan for return of students

Keir Starmer: ‘We support the Government strategy.’

Keir Starmer: ‘We support the Government strategy.

Keir Starmer: ‘Has Richard said anything? Oh, what he said


Keir Starmer: ‘Well said Douglas. What? He’s not Labour?’

9 thoughts on “Starmer does not accuse UK Government of failing to plan for return of students”

  1. Starmer is a con man, gift of the gab, but a Con. He seems to ‘support the gov strategy’ an awful lot, is he not meant to be leader of the OPPOSITION in England…if you point out he is not left wing, or a socialist and is in fact a Tory, people in England get awfy upset. Hope they wake up soon.

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    1. True.

      OTOH, I could wish the various ‘leaders’ in Holyrood would stop opposing for the sake of it and SHUT UP if they haven’t got anything constructive to say.

      There’s a difference between genuine, necessary, constructive criticisms which hold the Government to account (maybe even point out flaws before a particular action gets too far down the road?) and picking political holes to undermine and destroy.

      I could wish parties operating on both sides of the no-Border would recognise the difference and act upon it.

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      1. Totally agree.
        You perfectly describe the nonsensical theatrics which along with blatant lying and evading answers purports to be modern parliamentary politics. It was never this bad, and it does NOT represent the interests of the electorate.

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    2. If you really want to annoy them, remind them that it was he who decided not to proceed with the prosecution of Saville.
      I’m not sure if he was knighted pre or post that decision.


  2. Accusing the SG of mixed messaging is a straight lie. The responsibility sits squarely with the UK gov and the universities. It was the UK gov advice , not Scot govs, which the universities posted on their websites until just a few days ago.


    1. Golf nut,
      Not true.

      The advice and links on the University websites has been and continues to be to Scottish Gov websites and relevant NHS Scotland websites. They are updated in accordance with updates from the Scottish Gov.

      Students are also warned to keep an eye on their university email for any alerts about updates to the Scottis Gov regulations.

      Why on earth would the Universities link their students, who come from all over the world, to advice that does not apply in Scotland and thus expose their students to the possibility of fines because they have not followed the rules that do apply?


      1. It’s never my intention to post inaccurate information, you may well be better informed, but my understanding is that up until the 23/9/2020 they linked to the UK gov info which was changed after that date.


  3. The difference between Starmer and Leonard is one operates in a country where if he attacks the party in power he is on safe ground. The other operates on a country where if he attacks the party in power the majority of the press will attack him.

    Starmer got his party to vote for the Tories War Crime bill this week.

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