Poll puts pro-independence parties at 58%

Another sub poll, 5 days after YouGov put SNP support at 60%, has the SNP at 55% with the Greens at 3%.

The poll by Opinium, with 18+ respondents only on 23rd to 25th, has approval of the First Minister by large majorities among supporters of Labour (63 to 12), LD (49 to 9) and SNP (98 to 1) with even 27% of Con supporters approving of her performance.

In sharp contrast Boris Johnson is approved of only by Con supporters.

In Scotland, 70% disapprove of Boris Johnson. Only there and in London (51%) do more than 50% disapprove of him.

Voting intention – 23rd September

6 thoughts on “Poll puts pro-independence parties at 58%”

    1. I think his clownishness is part of the attraction for some. There is an acceptance of this and even after yet more lies and unfulfilled promises, they just grin and say, “This is just Boris being Boris”. When ‘Bake Off’ began this series with Matt Lucas doing a take off of Johnson, it was not pointed satire, but Johnson the entertainer who keeps us happy in these troubled times.

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      1. Haven’t actually seen the Bake Off thing. I must.

        You may be onto something with the “keeps us happy” thing. He’s trying hard to keep the country cheerful. And, if things aren’t as “world beating” as he says “he’s trying his best”.

        I despair…


    2. I was told “All politicians lie”!

      And that was it!

      I’m assuming the logic is “Well, all politicians lie – and I bet that, underneath that tomfoolery is a sharp mind. Cunning…”

      I say “assume”, because I don’t understand it either.

      It may be that many English seem to have been brought up to believe that “you mustn’t discuss politics”. Or money or religion for that matter. It causes trouble. Fair enough in the normal way, perhaps, but my daughter was told this about Brexit!

      Such conditioning could explain how the ‘ruling classes’ get away with actions that many would consider to be tantamount to murder.


  1. On BBC’s Radio Station in Scotland Paper Review after 9am

    Graham Stewart : so to be popular all a leader (Sturgeon) has to do is play with a straight bat

    Panny Taylor : or do nothing when your enemies are making mistakes

    Not the exact wording, but the jist of what was said.


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