Did BBC Scotland groom one student to ambush Swinney


In a typically blinkered report, the obvious responsibilities of the universities themselves for creating these mass covid outbreaks and the obvious similarities with outbreaks across England were ignored in an attempt to ambush the Education Secretary and to blame to Scottish Government for events they had little part in.

The universities are autonomous institutions. They decided to pressurise first-year students into taking up residence on campus and allowed ‘fresher‘ events, though they had known for some time that classes would be online because they wanted the money they get from exorbitant accommodation fees of around £700 per month. Why were senior university staff not questioned?

Exactly the same thing has been happening in England yet Keir Starmer, unlike Richard Leonard or Ruth Davidson or BBC Manchester for example, has not accused the UK Government of a failure to prepare.

The student above was interviewed two days before and said:

I do think they are just trying to make money off us being in halls and they knew this was inevitably going to happen.


She clearly meant the university management then. Why does she now blame the government? Was she groomed by the BBC Scotland reporter?

The parallels with the care home deaths coverage is self-evident.

4 thoughts on “Did BBC Scotland groom one student to ambush Swinney”

  1. The Director-General of the BBC is a card carrying Tory.
    Charles Moore of the Torygraf is touted to head up the BBC.
    Paul Dacre of the Daily Heil to head up OFCOM.
    No interviews, no process–all hand picked. Everything decided in the Carlton Club.
    The head of BBC Scotland is the son of a journalist who worked on the Unionist Belfast Telegraph for decades. Steve Carson’s affiliations are unknown, but I hope he is at least neutral.

    You get what it says on the tin. What you pay for. And pay, and pay.
    This is the Shiny New Boris Britain.

    Shir Keir—“I agree with Boris”— Labouring party is the Official Opposition.

    Gawd help us.

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  2. Let’s just hope more and more people have switched off from BBC propaganda…they really are a British Nationalist security services black ops project in Scotland aren’t they.
    Just hope people in Scotland have 2020 vision to see past the lies, bias and manipulation. For a ‘public broadcasting’ company not to report facts and truth, and to distort and misinform people during a pandemic is off the scale of evil really.

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    1. She could be a future Leader of the Scorrish(sic) Toadies—maybe next week.

      There again, she could be the Leader of the Scottish Labouring Party–tomorrow, or sooner–if Ian Murray had his way.

      Or she could lead the Scottish Dumbs–just joking—she’s a lassie, and the Dumbo’s are Wee Wullies “boys club”.

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