‘Longtime independence supporter’ repeats clear lie that Scotland has not done better


Look, over the six months of the pandemic, the infection level has been 35% higher [5 849 per 1m in England compared to 4 315 per 1m in Scotland] and the death level has been 45% higher [658 per 1m compared to 458 per 1m].

And, even this difference might have been greater had Scotland been independent or had the power to lock-down before end March, by which time the SAGE advisors’ herd immunity ‘strategy’ and reassurances about care homes and Johnson’s glad-handing, had opened the nation’s doors to the pandemic.

But, still, today, Neil Mackay can write:

Why does the Herald’s Neil Mackay, a self-styled ‘longtime independence supporter‘ not know this and if he does know it, why does he repeat, with Ian Murray, Alister Jack and the droves of longtime independence haters, this clear inaccuracy?

Writer at large? Writer in the dark!

6 thoughts on “‘Longtime independence supporter’ repeats clear lie that Scotland has not done better

  1. I remember a long time ago that Neil MacKay was against Scottish Independence. Certainly before the First Independence Referendum.
    When he claims to be a long time independence supporter, it’s probably in the same fashion as when Unionists phone Kaye’s Moan-in and claim to have voted YES.

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  2. ‘Perception matters’. Hmm, he would know, that’s for sure, along with his BritNat pals, the way that they frame the narrative, influencing peoples’ ‘perception’ is crucial to their propaganda project.
    Desperate aren’t they.


  3. While he was editor of the Sunday Herald when it was giving support to independence, I think he was, I inferred, a lukewarm supporter.

    I hear he has been quite seriously ill recently and he feels that the personal treatment (as opposed to the professional treatment)by some NHS staff was sadly lacking and wrote a condemnation of the NHS. So, he might be somewhat depressed about his health and the prognosis and his feelings have coloured his recent views.

    I do not know much about him, but, I think it is worthwhile deploying the principle of charity.


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