Hiding the SNP Government’s role on the Clyde


Writing earlier, I noted the Reporting Scotland presenter seeming to locate plans to redevelop the Clyde within the UK Government’s ‘levelling-up chat.’

Looking at this fuller account by Douglas Fraser, it seems likely he played a big part in the smokescreen designed to minimise the role of the SNP Government working with the SNP Council in Glasgow.

Fraser opens with:

  • Mission Clyde is an ambitious new project to harness government appetite for big infrastructure spending, drawing together existing and possible elements of redeveloped land, green transport and renewable energy.
  • Several local councils and central government are working up plans intended to defy sceptics who feel they’ve seen a rebranding of old industrial sites and communities, but not much real change.

The UK Government is not involved so why use those vague terms? Clyde Mission as it is termed everywhere else is a Scottish Government-led plan:


The only sign of Mission Clyde is also at the Scottish Government:

5 thoughts on “Hiding the SNP Government’s role on the Clyde”

  1. Through my voluntary work I have had some (very, very minor) involvement in the consultations leading to the Clyde Development Plan and had read the report prior to it being reported on by BBC Scotland yesterday. Given that background knowledge of the proposals and my suspicions of BBC Scotland, I was pleasantly surprised at what I thought was a positive tone.


  2. This is mere confirmation of Westminster to take full control of Hollyrood spending
    Then slap Union Jacks all over them
    And if and when upon impending failure of their project control they will very quickly hand responsibility back then call out Badddd SNP

    THIS is also confirms their NO to sect 30
    It is so bloody obvious that the Master has whistled to his lackey dogs in MSM
    Never smoke without fire
    Know thy foe
    And join up the dots in their plans


  3. Scotland has been a big, no massive unpaid industrial whore to the EngUKGov for a very long time. Scotland has gained very little but paid a big price. Any ‘appetite’ for developing and redeveloping sites is to be welcomed. The article tries to frame it as somehow being greedy (big’, ‘spending) to want to make use ofyour own land after decades and even centuries of neglect by the BritNats, to invest in infrastructure to benefit your own communities and land.

    ‘Central government’? They are ‘working up plans’? Scotland, which ‘government’ would you prefer to ‘work up plans’ to regenerate YOUR land and neglected communities etc, London’s greedy gov, or the Scottish gov working for YOU?

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  4. It’s also part of the POWER GRAB plans. WE’LL decide how WE spend your money, not you useless subsidy junkie Jocks! Be grateful, Jocks! Oops how did by big BritNat boot get there, right at your derrier? lol!
    Headlines in English daily rags, ‘UK gov spend (your hard earned cash English people!) £billions on repairing and regenerating poor areas of Scotland’. (because those nasty nats would have left it all to rot and you subsidy junkies to rot as well, lolz!).


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