First Minister upsetting Imperial Master

By a reader:

I know, I know, I know, I shouldn’t have clicked on a Telegraph link, but there we are.

Seeing as I’m there…

Accusing her of undermining UK-wide efforts to tackle the virus, he said the First Minister’s repeated claim that the virus was five times as prevalent in England than Scotland was “totally untrue, totally unhelpful.”

You have proved otherwise already, no?

He also castigated her refusal to rule out quarantining English visitors, arguing the country should pull together as “one United Kingdom” during the pandemic.

This was literally months ago, and has she done it? No, so who cares?

But Mr Jack told the committee: “We need to stop the confusion. All the administrations in these weekly meetings we have should actually just be grown up, and not be different for the sake of it for whatever agenda they have.

Does he include the UK Government in that? Thought not.

The Scottish Secretary highlighted how the UK Government’s ‘Hands. Face. Space’ public information campaign and questioned why Ms Sturgeon had to instead use her FACTS acronym to communicate the same message.

This is probably the funniest point! Because Scotland has been following FACTS (and only FACTS) for months upon months (and at every opportunity the FM & Scot Gov can), hand/face/space made an appearance in May-ish, maybe June, and then went nowhere and only got repackaged again last week.

Highlighting the SNP’s lack of teamwork, he said Joe FitzPatrick, the Scottish Public Health Minister, attended a meeting in late April to discuss the UK Government’s plan for a contact tracing proximity app. However, Mr Jack said he failed to mention the SNP administration’s plan – announced publicly two days later – to develop their own app.

I made a mistake, this is much funnier! Are you sure you want to mention that Mr Jack? Because the Scot Gov app has already been rolled out nationally and is working!

The First Minister said later that the Scottish Secretary had been “talking nonsense”. She told ITV Border: “I cooperate with the UK Government all the time, but my job is to make sure we keep Scotland as safe as possible in this virus.” Finally, some sense.


Footnote: See that bit about not producing better results? See this:

9 thoughts on “First Minister upsetting Imperial Master”

  1. Dopey and Droopy.

    DRoss was questioning Hi Jack in some committee or other.

    Lies, porky pies and Unionist espies (“with my Brit Nit eyes”).
    As they called out at the old Empire theatre—

    “Aw naw—– there’s twa o’ them”!

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  2. Mr Jack upon Independence should be refused a Scottish passport
    He has made his bed so he can now lay upon till the end of his days
    If you asked him to repent
    He would have no clue as to what we meant
    So to hell with the weasel man
    Know thy foe

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  3. I really should pay more attention to this chap Jack. Being a sports writer, I have known for some time that wee Dross was a numpty, but, I must admit, I haven’t paid too-much heed to Jackass.

    Maybe I should, he appears to be another part of the |tory Party’s downward impetus in Scotland. Annabelle Goldie, competent, well-respected. Then Baroness Buffalo, a nippy sweety, good on photo-ops, lite on policy, able to follow orders from London. Jackass Carlot – a baw-faced numpty. Now, Dross.

    Then, at Westminster, between Michael Foreskin and “Fluffy@ Mundell, we had Alistair “The Political Liar” Carmichael; then we had Fluffy, now the efforts to scrape through the bottom of the barrell have produced Alistair Jackass.

    I almost thnk they are trying to chase us away.

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    1. Farmer? I don’t think.
      The only muck Mr Jack has ever got to close to is the stuff in his brain and those he sits around in Westminster.


  5. The Lib Dumb leader ( no, not Wee Wullie–c’mon!) appears on Repressing Scotland singing the exact same tune as Starmer the day before.
    They are both from England. They “claim” to want the government in London to co operate with Scotland.
    So—why are they not on the news from London, England?

    We saw Boris on earlier on the BEEB–no questions asked.
    Then we saw Dross on BBC Hootsmon–no questions asked.

    Are the BEEB not allowed to ask?


    1. You ask why re.English regions O.K
      But not Scotland
      That is because we are merely regarded as a colony and what we want think or do
      Matters not a jot
      And as Boris sanctioned and published as Editor of the Spectator
      That we are a verminious race that must be exterminated
      No matter what your foe the Devil will always show their horns and their crazed
      Know thy Foe
      And recognise what they are and evolve your tactics accordingly
      And that starts by letting them know as to you know exactly what they are
      Call a spade a spade


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