Covid hospitalisation in NHS England running at least 10 times higher than in Scotland

This is not a cumulative graph. Each column shows the number of new admissions each day into hospitals in NHS England. There were 194 new admissions on the 15th September up from 100 new admissions, one week earlier, on the 8th September.

On the 15th September in Scotland, there were no new admissions. There were 9 new cases in the last 24 hours (19th) but in the preceding 7 days the average number of new cases was only 2.

So, even if we compare the later Scottish data, average 2 new cases, with those available in the graph above, the crude rate is 100 times greater or per head of population, 10 times higher.

If the trend has continued in England, it may be even worse.

One thought on “Covid hospitalisation in NHS England running at least 10 times higher than in Scotland”

  1. It seems somewhat unfeeling to be comparing the relative misery of people who, sadly, have been so infected by Covid19 that they require hospital treatment.

    Nevertheless, it is justified in the context of the crass anti-Scottish bile pouring out from the British Nationalist politicians and their media, especially the selective reporting of cases where Scotland (of Glasgow or Auchtermuchty) is the worst in Europe, the World or is similar to ‘Third world countries.

    We had an example last week on the BBC Radio Scotland phone-in in which Jakki Brambles every 10 minutes or so, said, “Scotland’s rate of drugs deaths is the worst in Europe. Why is this?”

    On two days earlier in September when the number of reported instance of infection in Scotland was at a higher rate than those reported in England, the ridiculous Wuggie Rennie asked a question about it.

    So, it is important to point out when Scotland is NOT bad!

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