Scotland in Union poll misunderstood by Scotland in Union

Here are the facts:

SEVEN CONSECUTIVE polls showing an average lead of 6.3% for Yes, cannot be reversed by a single poll, sponsored by a campaigning group, which does not seem to have asked the key question, for fear that it might reveal an even greater lead.

Think of what Boris and his chums or BBC Scotland or Douglas Ross have been up to since the 7th September. Planning to reverse devolution, to stop the pandemic briefings and telling a sequence of outrageous fibs such as the one about what a leader of the fishing industry said. In the same period a looming second wave of the virus in England caused by Tory incompetence and the collapse of their chums’ privatised testing ‘system’ has been all-too-apparent to Scots.

As for this wheeze that Indyref2 is not wanted. Several of the above polls and others before them put support for it at well over 50% and, in one case, 56% were for a new poll regardless of a Section 30 Order:

And, I suspect the Survation team know this, even if SiU don’t or won’t understand, asking respondents to choose only three priorities, where at least three of them are of a daily, life or death significance, such as Covid-19, NHS or jobs, does not mean that they don’t want Indyref2 and want it quite strongly. Most of us can handle more than three priorities in our lives without dumping the ones we don’t need to survive day-to-day.

And, rejecting independence after considering issues? Let me see the questions.


5 thoughts on “Scotland in Union poll misunderstood by Scotland in Union”

    1. We certainly shouldn’t take the power grab lightly, which is the default position of the ‘unionists’. In a way, even with 50+% you are correct not to take anything lightly, those who have money to go with their power are not daft.

      The constant BritNat, ‘Scotland does not want an indy ref’ is gas lighting the people. But with the polls in favour of independence, and these powerful BritNats are cunning as hell,
      we need to be very ‘alert’ to their (hidden) agenda.

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      1. Very few wanted an EU referendum, and we got it to save Cameron from confronting his own loonie-tunes.
        It was off the back of a 37% Tory election “triumph”!


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