Furlough extension opposed by Labour MSPs

By saoralba07:

On Wednesday Labour MSPs voted against an SNP amendment for the UK government to extend the furlough scheme – despite repeated calls for an extension from both Kier Starmer and Richard Leonard.

After the debate on Sustainable Aviation Beyond COVID-19 Scottish Labour voted against the amendment which “notes the importance of government measures, such as the job retention scheme, to aviation businesses and calls for it to be extended.”  

Among the opposition MSPs who voted against the amendment was Lib Dem MSP Alex Cole-Hamilton whose Edinburgh Western Constituency includes many of the 750 workers at Edinburgh Airport, 250 of whom have already lost their jobs.

 According to new research, extending the furlough scheme by eight months could save 61,000 jobs in Scotland.

A Scottish Government report estimates that the direct cost of extending the furlough scheme in Scotland to June is around £850 million – and wider economic benefits, such as increasing GDP, mean that it could pay for itself.

SNP MSP for Paisley George Adam said: “It beggars belief that Labour voted against extending the furlough scheme. They have once again put political posturing ahead of public duty, and their empty rhetoric on jobs and living standards has been well and truly exposed.  The hard reality is that without the normal powers of an independent country, Scotland is unable to extend the furlough scheme and deliver the scale of fiscal stimulus needed to properly protect our economy. Instead of sitting on their hands, Labour should join the SNP in calling for this Tory government to hand Holyrood the financial powers it needs so that we can protect Scottish jobs.”

Many countries in Europe, both large and small, have a longer furlough scheme than the UK and being part of the UK has damaged Scotland’s Covid-19 response.

The voting record on the SNP amendment can be found here: 


13 thoughts on “Furlough extension opposed by Labour MSPs”

  1. British Labour in the Scottish Parliament hand in glove and lockstep with the tories once again.

    Once again, their core instinct is to back the tories, even in this case when it means voting against their own party’s position in England.

    Do they genuinely believe their own supporters agree with this stance?

    On the other hand, the British Labour in Scotland Party is looking to be favourite to win the Scottish Politics Darwin Award again this year and every year.

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  2. Simples
    Ignore them
    And vote against them in 2021
    End of
    Make them a complete and utter irrelevance
    Which surely is their fate
    Traitors to the core
    Know thy foes


      1. ArtHetty
        Re.do not ignore them
        Ignoring to whom we refer as Them
        Was a most instrumental tactic deployed
        By Ghandi in India and Solidarity in Poland which led to their Imperial Masters downfall
        We must adopt a mindset that Westminster does not exist as far as we concerned then commence no matter what that they are messaged Time Up No.10
        You are as of now a complete and utter irrelevance
        Nothing you say or do matters not a jot now Enough is Enough
        So go NOW
        Tis their reaction that will merely deepen the hole they find themselves
        And proceed to dig deeper and deeper with gusto little realising it is but their own grave they are in
        And no way out ever for them
        Force them to foam at the mouth and reveal their true soul and the Devil they truly are
        Know thy foe and the consequence that shall befall them if they continue to fight

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  3. So the many many people who will lose their jobs, and who will have absolutely no financial means to keep themselves or their families from destitution, are to be kicked onto the rubbish heap by the English Labour party in Scotland. Nice eh.

    This is a political move by English Labour branch in Scotland, and somehow I doubt red Tory/Tory Starmer will be too bothered and he would have known how they’d vote. It’s all orchestrated to cause maximum damage to Scotland’s economy and the people of Scotland, so that Eng.Labour branch can blame the SNP when the sh*t really hits the fan.

    Imagine voting, as a public servant, paid massive £’s FROM the public purse, (including the ppl you are throwing under the bus) to actually ruin lives, to actually ruin the local and national economy of Scotland? Children will go hungry, with families destroyed through unemployment, and communities broken. Evil does not come near to describing these Labour troughers. They should all hang their greedy heads in shame.

    To destroy your own economy and communities, peoples’ lives, well, whoever sleeps soundly at night, doing that obviously sees something weird when they look in the mirror, and it can’t be human for sure.

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  4. Labour want scotland to suffer economic disaster so they can shout to the roof tops about better together and how big brother England came to our rescue.
    Playing the “too poor card” really suits them to a Tee

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  5. BUT… The BBC and the media including Facebook etc is successful in persuading the younger generation that it’s all the fault of Nicola Sturgeon they say she has the power to close business premises and force working from home on businesses who are not complying with Scottish government recommendations to work from home where possible.
    When told to consider that forcing closure of business premises might lead to the the business going out of business altogether and people being made unemployed their answer is that people will not starve !! there’s always foodbanks and social security .
    When told that food banks won’t exist if everyone’s out of work it’s shoulders shrugged.

    Young people are annoyed that they can go to work during the week but can’t go out at the weekend because of the COVID restrictions

    I think trouble is brewing
    An almighty disagreement is about to take place between Scottish government and English government


    1. Is the BBC etc succesdfull in persuading the younger generation against Nicola Sturgeon. These sources ssy it’s Sturgeon’s fault but there is huge support for Independence (and the SNP) amongst the younger generation!


  6. This is a fuss over nothing, as far as I can make out. Classic parliamentary shenangians where each party tries to pass its own amendment(Harvie’s amendment got only the 6 Green votes) and each is outvoted because this is a minority parliament.

    You fail to point out that whilst Labour voted against Michael Matheson’s amendment(S5M-22711.3), so too did the Greens. How else could it end up For 54, Against 60? S5M-22711 was a Labour motion(in the name of Colin Smyth), it failed to be amended and the Greens voted against(but this time with the SNP rather than against).

    More of this nonsense is inevitable if the SNP do not win a majority again at Holyrood next year.


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