Scotland’s national water supply free from Tory pollution

In the Guardian today:

All English rivers have failed to meet quality tests for pollution amid concerns over the scale of sewage discharges and agricultural and industrial chemicals entering the water system. Data published on Thursday reveals just 14% of English rivers are of good ecological standard, a rating that suggests they are as close to their natural state as possible.

I’ve been a bit lazy here to get a quick response off before heading out for essential shopping. Perhaps bored readers will get more up-to-date data?

Anyhoo, from January 2040 in response to a channel 4 special:

The disaster of water privatisation in England:

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2015 data

According to the Environment Agency reported on the BBC UK website last July:

[In England] there were 56 serious pollution incidents last year [2018], rising from 52 in 2017, the agency’s annual report said. Only one of the nine major water companies in England is performing at the expected level, with most likely to miss 2020 targets, the agency added. The report follows the agency’s announcement that Southern Water is facing prosecution after it was hit with a record £126m penalty package over “shocking” failures in its sewage treatment sites.

Meanwhile in Scotland, according to SEPA:

In 2017, for the first time in a number of years, Scottish Water was not responsible for any category 1, serious pollution incidents.

A report in Open Democracy attributes the situation in England to privatisation:

The dire state of our rivers is just one of the many, many failures of water and sewerage privatisation. It is just one example of what happens when we hand over not just time-limited contracts for delivering water and sewerage services, but the actual assets themselves – the pipes, the infrastructure – to private companies to milk for profit.

The resulting customer satisfaction:

In a ComRes survey of 199 Scots, published last July, we see:

  • Thinking generally about the company that provides your water and sewerage services, do you or do you not trust your water company? UK 86% Scotland 94%
  • Do you or do you not trust your water company to… Provide a reliable service? UK 90% Scotland 96%
  • Do you or do you not trust your water company to… Ensure good quality of water? UK 90% Scotland 95%
  • Do you or do you not trust your water company to… Fix water pipe leaks in public areas (e.g. in roads, not in the home)? UK 81% Scotland 93%
  • Do you or do you not trust your water company to… Take action to protect and improve the environment? UK 78% Scotland 87%
  • Do you or do you not trust your water company to… Take away wastewater and sewage and deal with it responsibly? UK 88% Scotland 93%
  • Do you or do you not trust your water company to… Provide good value for money to customers? UK 72% Scotland 88%
  • Do you or do you not trust your water company to… Pay an appropriate amount of tax? UK 78% Scotland 87%
  • Do you or do you not trust your water company to… Invest sufficient money on the water network? UK 73% Scotland 86%


4 thoughts on “Scotland’s national water supply free from Tory pollution”

  1. What the Withdrawal Bill is actually about.
    With Drossy whistling his flute in the “Kiss Arse” brigade.

    The order will come down from Borisgrad to sell off Scottish public assets to International Scammers R Us.

    Greasy Moggy and Co (Dublin) will be first in line.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I have posted this before, but here it is again. It’s Gove, I know, sorry there is even a pic of him, where he talks about how the waters is really quite sh*te in England, but goes on to say how wonderful privatisation of their water is the best thing since sliced bread. talking of which, if rivers are contaminated, water used on crops will be too. Oh.

    A quick search and found this.

    70% (!) of England’s actual life dependant water supply is owned by companies abroad, which in a way would not be that different to it being ‘owned’, by any BritNat company, possibly worse in fact.

    Crazy to think that we see the private ownership of ‘water’ as normal, well, we don’t in Scotland!


  3. England’s water woes are down to not just privatisation but dis-empowering and defunding the agencies which regulate and enforce.

    Scotland only went so far on modernisation and centralisation of Water/Sewage authorities under 3 quangos (ultimately combined as Scottish Water), and have likewise resisted all attempts by WM to weaken regulation of water, building standards, etc..

    If the Tory IM Bill ever becomes law, that happy condition will not last long…


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