Johnson’s test and trace is world-bottoming as Sturgeon’s team hit 99%

From a YouGov poll on 8th June:

From the First Minister in a recent briefing:

Since the 22nd June, Test & Protect teams have contact traced more than 900 positive cases. Of the people identified as requiring contact tracing, only 3 individuals out of 925 couldn’t be contacted. In other words, teams have traced 99.7% of those positive cases which is a quite remarkable achievement and based on that work, the teams have also traced more than 5 000 contacts and they have been successful in contacting 98.8% of those individuals.

And in a stunning performance only just lower than the 99.7% of contacts made in community outbreaks in Scotland, Public Health Scotland‘s teams have contacted 98.14% of all tourists who should have isolated after visiting high risk countries.

5 thoughts on “Johnson’s test and trace is world-bottoming as Sturgeon’s team hit 99%”

  1. What we are seeing with this health crisis is just a taste of how different things will look in an independent Scotland.
    Westminster Tories are terrified of the impact a successful social democratic country on their northern border will have on the thought processes of Thatcherite voters in England.
    For now,they are pushing the narrative of English tax payers funding Scottish profligacy but once that link is broken then the proverbial will hit the fan.

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    1. I see your logic, but doubt it would happen. When Scotland is independent the London-press will still concoct any narratives they like about Scotland, as they do now, no matter the reality.

      What I’m more worried about is the reverse and how what happens in rUK will continue to influence an independent Scotland.


  2. The ratings aggregate the performances of the 4 nations of the UK, so the bottom place is arrived at after the better performances of Scotland, Wales & NI have been factored in. This means that England’s performance must have been abysmal: in other words the world’s worst by some margin. Mind you the graphic doesn’t show a Brazilian flag and I’d have thought their performance would have put them well into negative scores.

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  3. Apologies if this post duplicates a previous effort which disappeared into cyberspace when I clicked “submit”.

    Anyway, the UK bottom-rated figure is arrived at after the better performances of Scotland, Wales & NI have been factored in. It’s a pity the 4 nations hadn’t been rated separately, as it would have shown England’s much vaunted world-beating system for the champion dud it clearly is. Mind you, the graphic doesn’t show Brazil’s rating and I suspect it would give UK a bit of stiff (pardon pun) competition.


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