UK Government fails Scotland’s drug victims

Daily Express

In the above report, more than a year ago, Annie Wells said:

The SNP has had control over health and justice for 12 years, yet hasn’t managed to bring in anything that comes close to dealing with this problem. As these figures show, whatever drugs strategies it has adopted have only made things worse. What more evidence do we need that this SNP government has failed every single one of these vulnerable people who’ve lost their lives to ruinous drug addiction.

In November of that year the Scottish Affairs Committee, cross-party but chaired by the SNP called for a radical re-think of current drugs policy. The recommendations included decriminalising drugs for personal use, introducing safe consumption rooms and making drug deaths a public health emergency.

All has been rejected in favour of the retention of the old ‘war on drugs’ approach.

Annie Wells must be interviewed today by BBC Scotland. Will they?

6 thoughts on “UK Government fails Scotland’s drug victims”

  1. There shall never be any form of a solution to this most serious of problems
    As long as it treated by society as a criminal matter
    Any fool knows this entirely a health and social issue
    Absolutely useless policy of it being a criminal affair cannot ever possibly work
    So much so that advocates of such are the real criminals now
    But I willing to accept a plea of Insanity
    From those advocates as they without doubt are indeed insane in every sense of that word
    But they continue to FLY OVER THE CUCKOO NEST


  2. There is an aids epidemic amongst intravenous drug users in Glasgow. The minimum solution is to ensure a supply of clean needles. Safe consumption rooms would be better.
    What lies behind the Tories heartless response to Scotland’s drugs problem.
    Are they hoping it damages the SNP?
    Are they against legalising drugs incase it reduces the tax take from alcohol sales?

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  3. Drugs is big business, makes some folk very rich, somewhere. Scotland used to be the ‘worst in the world’ in fact still is according to a tweet I read by an English person yesterday. It’s been a fantastic success, keep people addicted in the schemes, allow drugs in through Scottish ports etc that are not policed, all reserved powers to the English government in London.

    People with addictions can’t fight back, the war is on them, and it’s deliberate. The Scottish government have both hands tied on this as with many other societal issues and wrongs which were created and perpetuated by the English government and their jobsworths in Scotland.

    Anyone have any idea what the UKEng Labour party branch did in TEN years at Holyrood, to end the terrible scourge of drug addiction wrought on the poor and even not so poor of Scotland? They did nothing they allowed it to continue, despicable. McConnell and his troughing Labour pals should hang their heads in shame.


    1. I say ‘even not so poor’ because I know of a few who were victims of drug addiction who were private school educated. It was widespread problem in Edinburgh, Leith being a very convenient port for import of drugs or so I heard. Tragic consequences.


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