LATEST: Scotland’s Test and Protect teams contact trace 99.7%!

From the First Minister in the last hour:

Since the 22nd June, Test & Protect teams have contact traced more than 900 positive cases. Of the people identified as requiring contact tracing, only 3 individuals out of 925 couldn’t be contacted. In other words, teams have traced 99.7% of those positive cases which is a quite remarkable achievement and based on that work, the teams have also traced more than 5 000 contacts and they have been successful in contacting 98.8% of those individuals.

For comparison, between 30 July and 5 August, in England, 79.7% were reached:

Perhaps of greater informative value for Scots is the news from BBC Manchester that only 53% are being contacted in heavily-infected North-West England:

The Herald’s Martin Williams will be re-assured by this news, we hope. He was quite worried last week:

Also, sources have told us that the Scottish system always involves a personal call from a trained professional, not just a text as in England, telling you to self-isolate, taking questions from sometimes anxious people and advising them on how to do it. One source described this as ‘personal and more effective.’

8 thoughts on “LATEST: Scotland’s Test and Protect teams contact trace 99.7%!

  1. Wow! Good for Test& Protect.
    No doubt the Brit Nit scribblers of Hootsmon/Herod/BEEB fame will be sharpening their pencils to record…..No, not this Good News………….They crave a—-“Salmond Guilty” verdict!
    If only they could fix a jury, as easily as they fix the news!

    This, as the Dream Team of Whistling Duggie/Dame Ruthie has made an immediate impact…
    Wonder if Boris in his wee Heilan’ but’n’ben will be phoning his congrats?
    “Good on you DugRuth! We’ll be rid of these verminous Scots pretty quick now. Now, get me back to Blighty and away from these dammed midgies”!

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  2. Spotted this then went to watch the Update, and not one reporter mentioned it that I noticed, not a single ONE… FFS that’s amazing…
    Next to the Beeb websites, not a squeak of it let alone the latest poll result…
    Even in deepest Ayrshire I imagine you would hear the distant pop of rapidly closing sphincters across the border… 🤣

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    1. More people have woken up to the lies of 2014, and they know what lies ahead with England removing our country from the EU. They know it will be disastrous in every area of life in Scotland; socially, economically, environmentaly, for our security, infrastructure, and well, everything really, including of course health and education. Imagine the funding that has benefitted Scotland in terms of university research and industry etc…that is all about to end. Utterly catastrophic. A tradegy for Scotland where the people voted 62%+ to stay in the EU, where there are 500 million people to trade with. The future is quite frankly terrifying now.

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      1. Many of those who are now opening their eyes will still need to take a ‘brave pill’ as those ( and I am shocked at how many there are) who have remained wilfully insulated from the politics of independence have also allowed themselves to remain insulated from the future. I think that’s where the steady steady SNP/ SG approach wins, as leaps of faith become seen more as stepping stones.
        Well I hope anyways!

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  3. Steve Bonham@SteveBonham8

    8 Jul
    Replying to
    North Evington Ward Leicester is the most affected by the second COVID wave. There are 6614 residential addresses in the ward. Government only giving us Ward level, not postcode level data is of limited value for local action.

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  4. 55% and rising. Up and up we go! Soar-a-way INDY! ………….Whoopee!

    But we are, as the “Scottish” medias LACK of interest in it shows—-the SILENT MAJORITY***

    ***-Copyright, one Tricky Dicky Nixon.

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    1. I would like to share that whoopee with you….if you don’t mind and as we are generous people send one to
      Baroness Beastie of PuttheBootinSaviourofthe Union.


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