From the First Minister in the last hour:

Since the 22nd June, Test & Protect teams have contact traced more than 900 positive cases. Of the people identified as requiring contact tracing, only 3 individuals out of 925 couldn’t be contacted. In other words, teams have traced 99.7% of those positive cases which is a quite remarkable achievement and based on that work, the teams have also traced more than 5 000 contacts and they have been successful in contacting 98.8% of those individuals.

For comparison, between 30 July and 5 August, in England, 79.7% were reached:

Perhaps of greater informative value for Scots is the news from BBC Manchester that only 53% are being contacted in heavily-infected North-West England:

The Herald’s Martin Williams will be re-assured by this news, we hope. He was quite worried last week:

Also, sources have told us that the Scottish system always involves a personal call from a trained professional, not just a text as in England, telling you to self-isolate, taking questions from sometimes anxious people and advising them on how to do it. One source described this as ‘personal and more effective.’