Gym owner with HQ in Yorkshire (161 new cases today) decides ‘Scotland’s ready for it’

Reporting Scotland at 1.30pm today ignored the great news about Scotland’s 99.7% contact tracing and gave a super-rich gym owner a platform in an extended report to interfere and to patronise Scots with the suggestion that we should be ready for gym re-opening and to follow England into further hasty loosening of lock-down.

His report was preceded by the announcer telling us that there is a ‘huge body of evidence that they’re safe.’ That turns out, laughably, to just be his own company records which, he says, have nobody reporting any transmission in a gym.

He follows BBC Scotland’s James Cook pushing the same Tory agenda only three days ago:

I can see Brian Taylor’s face now as he gets his free membership.

16 thoughts on “Gym owner with HQ in Yorkshire (161 new cases today) decides ‘Scotland’s ready for it’”

      1. He obviously hasn’t been near a gym in his life (unless they have a spectators gallery). As you can tell i haven’t either but i can assure you i don’t look like him.


  1. Breaking news
    ABC have just announced that the esteemed Humphrey Cobbold has been appointed
    As special advisor on matters concerning
    Covid 19 and its main methods of routes for transmission of this pathogen
    This appointed has been made in recognition for his extensive studies as tovhow it fails to transmit in crowded environments where exhalation of the lungs is particularly rapid and way above averages force and volume
    Apparently the ABC were almost pipped to the post by one of the Worlds leading medical Schools in gaining his expertise
    This clearly demonstrates just how hard ABC apply all their efforts on and for behalf of their viewers and the wellbeing of the Nation
    This bulletin was brought to you by
    The Monty Python news desk
    And how is that for Something Completely Different
    P.S. Up the Licence Now so even more sterling work can be undertaking

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    1. Some Scots dying is a small price to be paid if it damages the SNP and Independence! It’s been thus since the pandemic started.


  2. If choirs are still banned (rightly so, in my opinion) and singing discouraged, why on earth should gyms be allowed to open? Could it be that choirs tend not to be money-spinners?

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