Pro-Indy parties at 60% in latest poll*

The YouGov/Times poll with data collected on 18th-19th August is another sub-poll with only 142 in the sample so we need to keep our hair on, as statisticians say but

For the first time, I think, the combined SNP/Green share is 60% (54 and 6).

It also has the Cons down at 19%, below 20% for the first time.

On it’s own, this sub-poll lacks authority but when looked at in the context of the clear trend in Independence polls over the last year:

and Holyrood polls:

You can’t help but be cheered by what might be an omen – 60%!

7 thoughts on “Pro-Indy parties at 60% in latest poll*

  1. Three statisticians decided to follow the native American way of hunting, with bows and arrows.One shot at a deer and missed two yards to the right. The second shot and missed two yards to the left. “Gottit”, yelled the third.


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  2. Ruth and her Wee Dug are doing great.

    Anyone seen Boris?
    A nice cosy interview with Wark or Smith on the cards.
    Questions (and answers) by Cummings Inc.

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  3. Sam
    You ask what is a Statistician
    Well i would rather answer as to what are
    The so called experts who endeavour to
    Interpret the results produced
    If you joined them all up together the only
    Thing achieved would be NO FIRM CONCLUSION


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