Secret Tory’s unhealthy obsession with the First Minister goes on encouraged by the Herald

In the Herald today:

Though not too open herself about her party affiliations, Lax is refreshingly honest about her serial covert letter-writing activities – how often have I.... How often? Tell us?

I don’t know if she ever mentions her longstanding Conservative & Unionist membership and treasurer role but I haven’t seen it once in a string of letters where she pretends to be Josephine Public.

When writing about Nicola Sturgeon, she tends not to be transparent about this unsavoury detail:

So, Ms Lax, if you are going to talk the talk please also walk the walk? At the very least tell us you are a member or suspended member of the SC&UP.

As for the Herald, you know who this is. Don’t lie.

11 thoughts on “Secret Tory’s unhealthy obsession with the First Minister goes on encouraged by the Herald”

  1. The Tories have to hide, their MSP’s twitter pages rarely say which party they are from. Toxic Tories really daren’t declare what they stand for because in Scotland they are as unpopular as the midges.

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  2. What an odd woman. To be completely fair (a failing, I know, sorry premier!) the matter should be cleared up. But NOT by trial by increasingly biassed newspaper and rabid underground tory. I do hate foaming rhetoric (not to be confused with passionate belief).

    Of course, she hasn’t taken into account the fact that it’s possible that 2 different things ARE being conflated. What does NS being informed about Sky News investigating an “incident” at Edinburgh Airport have to do with anything? Just because she knew about that, doesn’t mean that she knew about official allegations from the female staff.

    Under such circumstances the procedure says the FM instructs the Permanent Secretary to instigate an enquiry. Presumably, if the FM had been demanding a detailed account she’d be accused of covering up for her friend…

    As for headlines such as the DT’s “Nicola Sturgeon knew about Alex Salmond concerns almost three years ago, her top mandarin discloses”, what’s the timeline?

    2008 – Alleged ‘incidents’ at Edinburgh Airport
    2017 – Nov – Sky news investigation of said ‘incidents’ notified to NS
    2017 – Dec – New Harassment Complaints Procedure SIGNED, so it must have been getting worked on for some time.
    2018 – Jan – Official investigation undertaken
    2018 – Apr – Date NS states she found out when AS contacted her.

    It’s a fair point to ask the question “How did someone so keen on detail not know all about the investigation?” BUT, Ms Lax isn’t emphasising that is she? She’s implying that NS knew about formal allegations being made to Sky News by civil servants involved in an ‘incident’ at Edinburgh Airport. Do they moonlight as airport staff?

    She’s also conflating 2 SNP leaders. I gather those incidents occurred in 2008, so the leader to whom they were reported was NOT NS.

    So it looks like *someone’s* out to get any combination of AS/NS/SNP, but I’d say the jury’s out as to who that may be…


  3. OTOH, I look forward to Ms Lax’s next letter giving her views on Westminster’s claim that the dog ate the EU’s Emails etc offering a place at the table when they negotiated good, cheaper PPE.


  4. Ms Evan’s informed the FM that allegations had been made
    Mr Salmond informed FM that an investigation was taking place.

    Two different things at two different times.


    1. This is from the procedure.It is clear that there have been significant, unexplained departures from the procedure , certainly by Ms Kirkwood and, at a minimum, incompetence by the Permanent Secretary. This section deals with informing the FM.

      “12. For complaints involving a former Minister who is a member of the Party of the current Administration, the Permanent Secretary will inform the First Minister both in this capacity and in their capacity as Party Leader, of the outcome when the investigation is complete. “


  5. Given that she endeavours to join up dots
    Which in Reality the dots are akin to the random pattern of mole hills that often
    Appear on the croquet lawn of political
    Therfore I have reached the firm conclusion that indeed Jane Lax is indeed a Mole
    And it is imperative that the said mole is


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