In a stunning performance only just lower than the 99.7% of contacts made in community outbreaks in Scotland, Public Health Scotland‘s teams have contacted 98.14% of all tourists who should have isolated after visiting high risk countries.

True to form Alex Cole-Hamilton, Lib Dem MSP, and Herald writer Elle Duffy do not seem to have calculated the percentage figures required to put the crude numbers (36 140 out of 36 826 could be traced) into context. Cole-Hamilton said:

People will be rightly puzzled at the glaring gaps in the numbers when it comes to quarantine orders for those coming in from higher risk countries. If contact tracers can’t find people do they just give up? The public need to have confidence in this system and the strength of our measures to catch cases coming in from abroad

Duffy’s headline is the dazzling: Public Health Scotland: Tracers fail to contact tourists who should be quarantining.

I’m struggling to find any evidence at all that Public Health England has published any comparative data. Perhaps one reason why they’ve been dumped? The Telegraph was equally unable to find statistics but offered this on 5th August: