Photo of the Day


On a whim, seeing this, I’ve decided to add a new feature to the Tusker – Photo of the Day. Send me your favourite.

The image must make us pro-Indy folk feel good!

My decision is final unless you can prove it’s wrong.

12 thoughts on “Photo of the Day”

  1. Good to see the flag of St George mingling with St Andrews.

    When I was serving in the Royal Navy at Faslane, I struck up a friendship with an electrical contractor (I was a radio electrical tech) who was English.
    This was about 1968/9, and he was very much in favour of Scottish independence, a minority pursuit at that time. He was married to a Scottish lady: had lived here for years.
    He loved England, but he loved Scotland a wee bit more.


      1. Nice one Bob, but we must learn to live in harmony with our neighbour.
        Not long till Indy, and our enemy is Westminster, not the ordinary English people who know zilch about our history, but who are pretty fair about our desire to have a referendum and leave.

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