Facebook blocking the Tusker

One day after my piece on Ms Lax, Facebook blocking the Talking-Up Scotland url. Follow the blog instead.

Twitter fine so far.

17 thoughts on “Facebook blocking the Tusker

      1. John
        No one or nothing can block a idea
        And where there is a will there is a way
        The only reason problems arise is for a
        Solution to be found
        We can float like a butterfly
        Sting like a bee
        They cannot

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  1. Best if people set up a WP account and get notifications of your posts via email…my WP account is used for following blogs, that is all.

    Not surprised re fb, shame though, dark times when not everyone is allowed freedom of speech. My last twitter account was ‘suspended’ & I refused to give my private mobile number so had to set up new twitter, it was a good idea, starting afresh actually.

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  2. Perhaps Zuckerberg simply wants to prove to Gates he can fup with upgrades even more devastatingly, or Cummings’ pals are playing silly buggers.

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  3. Indy1 my FB page became a target for Tory anti Indy crap. Davidson in parliament, Davidson headlines in the media. I deleted them, but they just kept reappearing. After a couple days I contacted FB demanding to know why someone with my Indy Profile was being inundated by Tory and better together propaganda. I asked if they were being paid. Next morning, all bt and Tory posts were gone. No explanation though.

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      1. Have you checked that people outwith your contacts can see your posts.
        Craig Murray found the circulation of his posts was restricted. Not a blanket ban, but reduced circulation?


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