Former hard left socialist shields tax-avoiding corporations in pursuit of SNP

In the Herald, where else, today, Richard Leonard continues his badly-acted nodding melodrama in which he attempts to score points over his tribal foes in the SNP and to make Nicola cry if he can.

Setting the scene mawkishly with the story of his Dad’s death in an English care home, the Herald‘s Alistair Grant writes:

With a grudging recognition that the care homes who decide who to admit, who charge around £1 000 per week per resident, who often fund the local Tories, who rarely pay corporate tax, who are responsible for infection control and for staffing, he charges blindly on tilting at his mortal foes in the SNP Government.

He has hated them ever since Alex Salmond marched his troops to the left of the Blairite Labour Party of his flatmate Jack and stole his reasons for being. He hates the SNP far more than the Tories because they have the decency to be selfish capitalists and give his life meaning or would do if he could get over hating the SNP and attack their common enemy.

I’m not going to repeat the evidence pointing clearly to agency staff and not hospital discharges as the source of the outbreaks or to the evidence of the care home owners’ corporate greed and neglect but the links are below.

If he was any kind of leftist at all any more, Richard Leonard would stop this deadly charade before he falls off his steed.

Agency staff:

Care homes:

7 thoughts on “Former hard left socialist shields tax-avoiding corporations in pursuit of SNP”

  1. Of course there must be an enquiry into the handling of various aspects of the pandemic, with particular emphasis on care homes. We have to learn lessons for the future and for the development of the social care partnership.

    However, what the British Nationalists, like Mr Leonard want, is for the enquiry just to write what the British Nationalists want, without bothering about evidence, and just blame the Scottish Government.

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  2. As yet we don’t know if positively tested folk were sent to care homes without documentation.

    Care homes should be able to isolate infectious guests as with flu etc.

    Also we don’t know how long after testing positive they were discharged.

    From the 21st April it became a requirement for all patients being transferred from hospital to receive a negative test.

    This link is quite interesting:

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    1. Thank you for the link. Although it is written from the care home perspective, the language used is measured and is precise about the points being made.

      This is the kind of information that I hope will be the evidence considered in any enquiry, rather than the mob roar for blame and heads to roll.

      Prior to an interview this morning on GMS with a North Ayrshire Councillor who outlined Labour’s proposals, the presenter,Ms Isobel Fraser ‘framed’ the discussion by describing the ‘disaster of care homes’. This has been a feature of her presenting since MrDouglas Ross became leader of the Scottish Conservatives.

      To be fair to the Councillor he did make a fairly nuanced presentation, which seemed to be mainly constructive. However, this was followed up by an interview with the head of Scottish Care, who made his presentation in his careful and measured way and indicated a measure of agreement with the Councillor, he also made a few points which indicated that much more constructive engagement was needed rather than rhetoric via the media and press releases. Since it lost power in 2007 Labour has adopted an almost wholly oppositionist approach and has cooperated far less with than the other parties at Holyrood. Consequently, it has scunnered huge tranches of its traditional supporters and, indeed, insulted them.

      Rather than focus on the policy points in Labour’s review, Mr Leonard gave more attention to attacking and blaming.


  3. Leonard is chasing the same time-travelling propaganda as the Tories, Lib-Dems, Kilgour, SiU, etc., this was a 4 Nations approach led by London when testing and confidence in it’s results and understanding of the virus was basic to minimal, and HMG advised to expect a tsunami of Covid victims.
    The Herald has featured many such distortions over care-homes from Pennington and Co., do they really think “Warking” this is going to influence professional and through review which will follow, or is it that public opinion matters more to them than the thousands who have been taken from us? How very dare they turn this into a political game.
    As to Leotard’s Dad, I would remind him when Gove lied about the circumstance of his dad’s business in order to assist Brexit and what that did to Tory credibility, Labour are hanging by a thread, and a bloody strong one looking at Never Hurry, it’s going to crack pavements when it fails..
    Scotland does not need liars and deceivers in power, go southward or be honest, your choice…

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  4. So, what the English London HQ’d Labour party branch in Scotland want to waste cash on court cases and my how they would love to see Nicola Sturgeon and Jeanne Freeman behind bars. :-/
    It ain’t happening Leotard, but your job is definitely on a shoogly peg, you must be really panicking at the loss of your extremely lucrative what is it, £100K+ a year that you take from the public purse!
    Stop gas lighting Scotland Leotard, you are supposedly a left winger, yet your whole agenda is to attack the SNP, not the Tories. I think we all have the measure of what and who you stand for. Jog on.

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