In the Herald, where else, today, Richard Leonard continues his badly-acted nodding melodrama in which he attempts to score points over his tribal foes in the SNP and to make Nicola cry if he can.

Setting the scene mawkishly with the story of his Dad’s death in an English care home, the Herald‘s Alistair Grant writes:

With a grudging recognition that the care homes who decide who to admit, who charge around £1 000 per week per resident, who often fund the local Tories, who rarely pay corporate tax, who are responsible for infection control and for staffing, he charges blindly on tilting at his mortal foes in the SNP Government.

He has hated them ever since Alex Salmond marched his troops to the left of the Blairite Labour Party of his flatmate Jack and stole his reasons for being. He hates the SNP far more than the Tories because they have the decency to be selfish capitalists and give his life meaning or would do if he could get over hating the SNP and attack their common enemy.

I’m not going to repeat the evidence pointing clearly to agency staff and not hospital discharges as the source of the outbreaks or to the evidence of the care home owners’ corporate greed and neglect but the links are below.

If he was any kind of leftist at all any more, Richard Leonard would stop this deadly charade before he falls off his steed.

Agency staff:

Care homes: