A Covid-19 home test cost around £195: https://www.better2know.co.uk/shop/products/home-testing-kits/covid-19-test

Private care homes for the elderly in the UK typically charge more than £800 per person per week: https://www.ageuk.org.uk/information-advice/care/paying-for-care/paying-for-a-care-home/

Most UK care home staff are paid only the minimum wage or in some cases even less: https://www.homecare.co.uk/news/article.cfm/id/1605174/Most-home-care-workers-are-paid-less-than-minimum-wage

The owners of private care homes in the UK, such as HC-One are often based in the USA or in tax havens such as the Cayman Islands, pay no UK taxes and yet can pay investors, dividends of around £45 million per year: https://www.wikipolitiks.org/wiki/HC-One_Ltd

HC-One, the owner of Home Farm in Skye and Highgate in Uddingston was valued in 2018 at £1 billion: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/HC-One

Scottish Government critic and multiple care home owner, in Scotland and across the UK, Robert Kilgour is a significant donor to the Scottish Conservative Party: https://wingsoverscotland.com/justices-torn-blindfold/#comments