Today, Jackson Carlaw, using a Channel 4 report as evidence, attacked the First Minister for the lack of testing of staff in Highgate Care Home, Uddingston, and by association the deaths there.

On August 16th 2019, the Care Inspectorate rated the HC-One Highgate as follows:

Among the many problems, one was life-threatening:

In August 2019: Requirement 2

The provider must ensure healthcare professionals are involved in assessing and reviewing residents support needs if appropriate.

Timescale: by 31 January 2019

This requirement was [also] made on 11 September 2018.
Action taken on previous requirement:

We looked at residents who experienced falls. We found that when health professionals had been contacted for advice about a resident’s falls their instructions had not been recorded in their care plan. This meant the
professionals instructions had not been followed such as carrying out a multifactorial risk assessment. The resident continued to fall yet there was no further contact with the health professional to discuss any further actions the home could take to try to prevent further falls.

We were also advised that a resident with falls would not be referred to the falls team as they were known to fall. It is not acceptable to label a resident as someone who just falls all the time. This must be monitored better to ensure any changes to the person’s health and wellbeing are responded to.

Not met

On 9th January unannounced: Requirement 2

This requirement was made on 16 August 2019. Action taken on previous requirement:

We looked at daily health charts and found this remained an area that must improve. -oral charts still had gaps in recordings which meant there was no evidence oral care had been carried out or not. There was a resident with several refusals of oral care recorded yet no steps had been taken such as contact with the dentist until after the inspector pointed this out
-on personal hygiene charts there was only one space to record oral care yet we would expect residents to be offered oral care twice daily, in the morning and bedtime-personal hygiene charts had few recordings of nail care being carried out-there were long gaps of sometimes several hours in re-positioning charts. This meant there was no evidence people were moved in the identified timescales that would protect their skin

Not met