An activist stages protest at Edinburgh Airport, demanding English tourists do not travel to Scotland.

Leading border protection activist groups, England get out of Scotland, Keep Scotland Coronavirus-free and Galloway can get tae Falkirk, have told the Tusker of their difficulty in keeping membership high enough to at least be able to hold both ends of a banner.

The above protest cost the Ye’ll have had yer frackin tea group £2.40 for a roll of gaffer tape to stick one end of the banner to a fence. A crowd-funder is to be launched today to help the group with such costs.

Ruth Davidson, trying on the ermine at the time, has called these groups ‘dark forces threatening our democratic way of life‘ and has called on ‘Sturgeon’ to condemn them. A local Conservative and Unionist group flying in from Israel yesterday was hear to shout to the security guys:

Put the head on him! That is the correct term isn’t it Marjorie?

I know, what Ruth said. Give him a doing! Hoh hoh!

Protester, Sammy McGlashan said:

I wanted the word ‘Coronavirus’ on the banner but it was too long. I don’t think they get this virus symbol on a stick. I had some bairns asking where they can get one.